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EverQuest Next Landmark

Game Director Shows Off His Construction Skills

David Georgeson, director of development for the EverQuest franchise at Sony Online Entertainment, tweeted some new photos for EverQuest Next Landmark. The images show off a fortress that he put together with the game’s tools yesterday.

EverQuest Next seeks to realize a sandbox MMO world. Its companion title, EverQuest Next Landmark, gives players creative reign over Norrath, shaping everything from mountains to small shacks. Some of players’ creations could be included in EverQuest Next. 

David Georgeson is especially proud of the couch he made out of totem poles. EverQuest Next Landmark is scheduled for release this winter.  For more information about the sandbox MMO check out our announcement preview or see his tweets for yourself. 

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  • I would want to build my own lair or headquarters. Or a deadly dungeon. With the only drawback being I know it too well.
  • Looking forward to this.  As a long time EQ player I hope EQ Next hits the nail on the head.  Landmark is a nice companion tool, and actually seems like could take hours and hours of my life away!

  • I dont know if the art style is jiving with me for this game. The idea sounds neat, and I do love EQ, but the art style seems to regress a bit. I dunno, just initial impressions, I'll probably change my views when its closer to release.

  • Oh, look. More wow graphics.
  • I would really like to know if these are hitting PS4 also.
  • So there's a chance they won't be included? Awesome!

    One of the things I HATED about Spore was when I'd come into contact with the mighty *** Empire! Devoted followes of Spode and protectors of the galaxy!