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EverQuest Next Landmark

Sony Online Entertainment Shows Off Terraforming

Sony’s newest MMO project, EverQuest Next, was unveiled at Fan Faire over three years ago. Earlier this month we learned that EverQuest Next Landmark, a standalone companion, will allow EverQuest Next players to construct buildings and alter landscapes within the game in Minecraft-like fashion. Today Sony released the video below to demonstrate what this looks like.

Sony is advertising Next Landmark as an opportunity for EverQuest Next players to participate in the development of the game. While anybody can play around with the game, Sony will monitor submissions and choose a select few for inclusion in the actual EverQuest Next world. As seen in the video, the new Norrath will be a very malleable place.

We don’t know yet know EverQuest Next’s release date, but we do know that Next Landmark is set to launch this winter. Both titles are free-to-play, though little is known about Sony’s plans for monetization.

  • That looks really good. The tools seem like they'll be powerful while still allowing creations to fit in perfectly with the world. I really hope it's not a let down

  • This is neat, but it also seems extremely time intensive. Also, if SOE does use people's submissions, what form of compensation do they receive, if any? It sounds like players may be building a world for the company free of charge.

    This seems like a leap forward for immersion, but it would have be easy to use, quick enough to not be a complete time sink, and reward players for taking the time to build. I think these player made approaches are great, but sometimes not fair to the community when another company makes money off from their hard work.
  • Get ready for D1ckshaped Skyscrapers! As always. Boob Montains and etc.
  • Agreed Fawzi - I wonder how many people will take advantage of these powerful tools.

  • This is getting ridiculous. Do you guys seriously have an editor? or is it just a title that shows who can boss who? Waay too many typos. It's like I am reading a college newspaper article.
  • This doesn't look half bad! I wonder what the time commitment would be like if you set out to actually build something extraordinary.

  • It does look very nice.

  • This article makes it sound like Landmark just lets you log into EQ Next in "build mode" when it's actually an entirely seperate game.
  • Well there goes my productivity, when it launches...

  • Oh..Oh I can see myself losing a looooooooooooot of time to this...oh christ..

  • I'm a fan of this. A big fan. MMO worlds should evolve, and players should shape that world... I never thought about doing it so literally, but this Minecraft-like solution definitely fits the bill regardless :) Here's hoping it keeps Everquest 3's world and content fresh & engaging for a long, long time.

  • After TES: Online and Wildstar went subscription, this is the only mmo I'm looking forward to now. Hope it doesn't disappoint.