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Enemy Front Launch Trailer Sets World War II To A Rock Soundtrack

Enemy Front releases while we're away at E3, so Bandai Namco and CI Games have delivered the game's launch trailer early.

You can see a little of the game's story, a little of the game's action, and listen to its oddly anachronistic soundtrack.

Enemy Front releases on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on June 10. For more on the game, head here.

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  • I feel as if Sabaton would've been a better choice for this trailer
  • Looks pretty good, may get it.

  • Song was a lil' funky. But, I hope this game is good. I like the story and these types of games. Got it pre-order.

  • How am I supposed to wean myself off of the 360 when interesting games like this keep releasing?

  • The music isn't exactly selling the game to me. I know it's just a trailer, but I want a WW2 game with an authentic 1940s feel to it, not something that's trying too hard to be edgy and modern.

  • aw yis, I love this song. I may have to look into this game a little more. I doubt I will get it at launch but I might get it when the price drops a bit.

  • So glad I still have a 360.

  • feels like it's capitalizing on Wolfenstein's success.. I'll wait for reviews.. I do love killing me some Nazi's.
  • Really liking the look and feel to this, added it to my list. While I'm super back logged, I'll get to it sooner or later!

  • This trailer is such a stark contrast to their teaser several months ago; in fact not dissimilar to how Dead Island was with its reveal teaser. I expected play as a Polish citizen in a serious toned stealth title. The guns blazing, American protagonist is a surprise.
  • Killing Nazi never gets old. "I am in ?the Nazi killing business, cousin business is booming"

  • Sniper Brothers in Duty

  • This reminded me of a more action-y Sniper Elite. This doesn't look too bad.

  • Do you get to play as a German Wehrmacht soldier?

    No? Then what the hell does this crap bring that haven't already been done a thousand times before?

    I want to play as the German side for once.