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Enemy Front

New Gameplay Trailer Shows Enemy Front's Many Avenues Of Attack

CI Games' Enemy Front, the World War II first-person shooter, has a new gameplay trailer that shows off the many way you can tackle your firefight encounters.

You'll see stealth kills, sniper kills, slow-motion breaching, and clever uses of the environment to defeat your enemies.

For a previous trailer on the game, which looks a little closer at the game's story, head here. For an older extended preview of the game, head here. During the time of that preview, the game was lead by Stuart Black, known for directing Criterion's first-person shooter, Black. Stuart Black parted from CI Games and Enemy Front in October of 2012.

Enemy Front is set for release on June 10 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • An World War II first-person shooter OH MY GAWD ive never seen that before!!!!

  • Hmmm. That grenade throwing could use some work.

  • One can say that it being a WWII shooter is the turn off here, but not for me, it's the fact that it's last-gen. Beside that, this does not look like a game to be excited for, which makes it sad it exists... And, that's the CryEngine? Some of it looks OK, but not most of it.
  • It'll be interesting to see how well the devs live up to the challenge of making most situations in the game have a variety of viable approaches.

    And they do apparently deserve kudos for remembering that slashing someone's throat _is not_ a stealth kill, Hollywood depictions aside (in one shown case the mark is stabbed in the back of the neck, severing the spine; in another, the knife comes in from the side, between two ribs and into the heart).

  • Dear Lord!!! Another 1st person shooter set in WW2. Is this game for the PS2 or the Xbox?

  • Actually, it looks like the Rambo game, minus the rails... Nice job on this bad boy... Will say no one EVER...
  • After this, I am going to go pre-order it at GameStop. Had no idea this game was even coming out.

  • did he just shoot the front tire of a truck and it started rolling? how does that work?
  • I remember playing "Black" when it came out. Absolutely loved it.

    Glad to see more WWII shooters making their way back to the market, even though this seems pretty arcade-y and not "historical WWII shooter" as preferred.

  • Looks alright, definitely haven't seen a ww2 shooter in awhile so I might just pick this up for my ps3.

  • Looks good. Lets see how it turns out.

  • I'd take another WWII shooter over the modern stuff we get nowadays.
  • Perhaps its the content of the game or the impressive trailer, but this has caught my attention.

  • The fact that I have never heard of CI games concerns me. I love WWII shooters, but this is most likely going to be a pass...

  • The fact that I have never heard of CI games concerns me. I love WWII shooters, but this is most likely going to be a pass...

  • I thought it looks pretty good.

    My favorite part is that it seems to be focused on the single player campaign, and not have it thrown on as an afterthought.

  • Sadly it seems as though the industry jumped from World War II games into future war scenarios. Personally I have been hoping for a game that combined some of the forest environments of BF3 or Ghost Recon2, but with the slightly less advanced weaponry of, say, the 1980s or early 1990s. Players would then get to experience relatively similar weaponry but without assets such as "cheater-drones" or future tech that makes users dependent on a particular feature of weaponry/technology.

    What makes me mad is that everyone is burnt out on WWII because none of the developers truly understood what they could create in their medium until much further down the line. That's not to say all of the developers were like this, but there were quite a few. If only a few came out per generation of console I think there would be far less burnout in the World War II genre.

  • why make a Call of Duty 1/ Medal of Honour 1 Hybrid, because that is what it looks like

  • It looks pretty decent. But my hope was dashed somewhat when i saw that CI Games also made the Sniper Ghost Warrior series :\ i mean those games had they're moments but i don't have huge hope for this game. I'll probably end up picking it up when its like $10 a few years from now.