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Enemy Front

CI Games Reveals New Teaser

In 1944, 200,000 Polish citizens fell to the Nazi regime’s death march through Warsaw. The massacre lasted 63 days, ending with the destruction of the city. This event is at the center of CI Games’ Enemy Front.

The Polish developer is readying a first-person sandbox shooter set during the Warsaw Uprising. Players will take on the role of an American war correspondent who becomes embroiled in the fighting. The game will take players to different locales in Europe, including France, Germany, Norway, and of course, Poland. This trailer is just a teaser for a longer video to be released soon.

CI Games is building Enemy Front in CryEngine 3, and CI says that the levels are more open rather than the more heavily scripted fare we see in many shooters.

Enemy Front is scheduled for release in June 2014. It will be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC for $39.99. 

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  • So, why exactly is this game so much cheaper than the average game? Is it going to be that much smaller than most games, or was it a decision by CI to hopefully get more people to play it?
  • A very interesting historical period. One that isn't talked about very much in the west. Glad to see another game company coming out of Poland.

  • I will check this out, I love WWII history, and we haven't seen much of this period of the war in games. It is going to look pretty with CryEngine. This will keep me playing my 360.
  • Only last gen? Odd but I'll more then likely pick it up along with Sniper Elite 3.

  • it was great if you told us what their previous projects are. anyways I smell failure!
  • Wow, this game fell off the map for a while. But I do hope it's good! CryEngine 3 is promising and while I don't care for the fact that it's last-gen, at least it's only $40. And it's now third-person? That's interesting, there's early gameplay clips out there of a 1st-person Enemy Front.
  • I was excited until I realized who the developers were... And now I'm just hoping it's not utter crap.
  • Dude, that game looks sad.
  • I learned so much about the events in Warsaw, Poland during World War II, atrocities that I cannot even begin to imagine. Even though I know what the Nazi's were doing, to still see a visual representation of it is still horrifying and sad. I'm curious as how to hos this game will be played.
  • This could be a title to watch for, 3rd person sandbox shooter. As long as the story is well scripted this could be a diamond in the ruff.

  • All the demos for this game are first person

  • So a trailer for a trailer? Interesting.

  • ?the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi

  • This looks amazing! I crave more historical fiction in games. No Nazi robots, no aliens who join the Nazis, just true grit.

  • Sounds good. I still got hope for the developers

  • It made a huge impression on me. Congratulations CI courage to show a piece of history in this way. Light shock. I hope that the game can surprise me so. Already I can not wait. Keep my fingers crossed for them :D

  • I am not expecting much from a Warsaw reenactment displayed through the lens of a shooter where you control an American, whom I'm going to assume will be a white mid-30s male with brown hair and stubble, whose main objectives will be about killen' natzi's with 'splosions, also saving all of the Jews, because America. How about we have a game set in World War 1? Or, better yet, why can't we play as your average German soldier in a World War 2 game, one who isn't the safe and easy villain to have in every WW2 game?
  • That's sad, because i really wanted to spend summer with friends, not with computer, but release date.. now i have my birthday present :D

    teaser looks great! I really think that this game will be looks like this teaser as well! Great Job CI Games!