The Brilliant Lighting Of Techland's Newest Game - Dying Light - Xbox One -
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Dying Light

The Brilliant Lighting Of Techland's Newest Game

Take a closer look at the technology behind Dying Light. Citing the new hardware power (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Techland developed a physically based lighting engine with their in-house system.

The Chrome Engine 6 will debut with Dying Light, which features dazzling lighting effects and a day and night cycle. Techland plans to use their new engine to bring players closer to their beautiful zombie-infested, free-running-friendly city. We've already seen some of the striking visuals and impressive free-running that the four-player co-op game has to offer. 

See for yourself. In the video below, Techland gives us a first look at the Old Town location  with the new lighting system. 

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  • Most anticipated game of 2014 for me.

  • This looks interesting, but these zombie games can go either way

  • I loved both Dead Island games. If this is more of that with parkour and better graphics, I'll be a happy camper.

  • Lighting goes a long way to making the game look good.  That was one of the points I asked for in this new generation.  Killzone has a level very early in the game (chapter 2) where you're in the woods and when you see the sunlight coming through the trees I stopped to look at it for a bit.  Realistic light rays and shadows are going to continue to impress.

  • Looks really good.. I hope they have refined their formula via the mistakes made in Dead Island..etc.. I'm really looking forward to this as I'm a big fan of the original Dead Island and it looks like they will be taking advantage of the new horse power with next-gen.

  • Looks amazing

  • nice graphics, but can we move past the zombie era?

  • I am stoked for this game hopefully they took notes from Dead Island and can make it less buggy and work out the physics. I will definitely be picking this up on my ps4.