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DriveClub May Be Gaming's Most Advanced Weather Simulator [Trailer Added]

During a hands-off demo, Evolution Studios showed off how big of an impact DriveClub's advanced weather simulation has on racing.

Evolution started the demo by reiterating that the nearly yearlong delay is being used to boost DriveClub's social elements, making the game as seamless and connected as possible when racing with friends. The developer also confirmed that the game will run at 1080p and 30 frames per second. After showing off the game's new menu, which provides a constant feed of dynamic challenges and races, Evolution focused on a very specific aspect of the game that has a surprising effect on the feel of races: DriveClub's weather simulation.

In addition to featuring a day/night cycle with full real-time lighting and shadows, DriveClub also has an extensive weather system. The position of the sun is determined by the time of day and the real-world location of the track you're racing. Location also affects the type of weather you'll see; our first demo takes place on a winding track in Scotland, and the weather is appropriately misty and overcast. A large cloud bank blocks the sun, giving the track an eerily realistic muted look. Unlike most games, the clouds aren't merely a pretty skybox, but are fully simulated and different every time you play. They also move and mutate based on the direction and speed of the wind.

After a few minutes of driving, the developer turns up the precipitation until the drivers are caught in a full-on rainstorm. The feel of race changes along with the new weather, as visibility lowers and cars begin to kick up large clouds of mist on the road. As the rain increases, the roads become slick and shiny, and puddles form, reflecting everything in the environment, including cars, roadside flags, and rocks. The developer pauses the action and pans around the camera to show off how truly impressive the effects are. He stresses that it's not just an illusion – the weather is being fully simulated across the entire mountain that the race is taking place on.

Another flip of the switch plunges the race into nighttime; the headlights of the racers bathe the reflective cars in bright light and illuminate the rain-slick road – again the racetrack has a different feel to it, and presents an even greater challenge. Once the rainstorm ends, Evolution says that the puddles will realistically evaporate based on the layout of the track and the wind.

Afterwards, the developer starts a race in Norway to show off DriveClub's snow effects. Like rain, snow accumulates realistically and affects driving conditions as well as visibility. At the height of the simulated storm it's nearly impossible to see the other cars on the road, which should make for some interesting challenges that players can create to test their friends.

Evolution says that the weather system will be added to the game sometime in 2014, along with a photo mode – after all, what good is beautiful weather if you can't share pictures of it with your friends?

DriveClub will be available October 7 on PS4. For more information, check out a dozen new facts Kato learned about the game last month.

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  • Cool. I thought it was a driving game not a weather simulator. Jk. That's pretty cool.
  • I love those kinds of effects on video games. shows how far technology has come. Once i get my ps4 destiny bundle in september i might pick up this game.
  • It will be interesting to see whether Driveclub or Horizon handles their similarly touted features better. Weather, release date, graphics, social features, even resolution and frames feel like they are trying to compete with each other here. I'm personally more excited for Horizon (I loved the first game, and am a Forza fan) but we shall see.
  • 1080p and 30 fps on a racing game? These guys sure know their priorities... Also, does this mean that the weather system won't be in the game when it ships?
  • Good to see new-gen racing games finally catching up with what PGR4 achieved back in 2007. Weather is a big deal for me, not just in terms of aesthetics (racing games look sterile without it), but also the way it affects gameplay.
  • Wait... so... the weather... is DLC? What in the world is this game?!

  • The graphics look amazing.

  • This game just popped back onto my radar. I love the way rain plays out in games like Infamous and Watch Dogs and this looks to improve on those. I really like the realism that games are starting to take in the small things.

  • Now THIS is amazing. This popped into one of my most anticipated PS4 games list now.

  • All I want is a new Motorstorm game.

  • night mode / rain mode were my favourite parts of gran turismo 5 xD i love going on nurburgring at night while it's raining in a super fast car and just trying to stay on the track, it's a real challenge.

  • It's puzzling that Sony made absolutely no mention of this game at their press conference considering it's an exclusive releasing this year.
  • not a huge fan of racing games, but haven't played an evolution racing game that i didn't like.

  • looks real good. I can only get into open world racing so im gona stick with forza horizon 2. I only need one fantastic racing game.
  • YES!!! So glad that they added Rain along other weather effects!!! LOOKS AWESOME!!!

  • Driveclub looks amazing. Speaking of racing games by sony, I'm still hoping for an annoucement regarding a new wipeout game for PS4. I had tons of fun getting the platinum for wipeout 2048!

  • Nice weather, but will it be enough to attract people who are interested in The Crew? Besides getting the "PlayStation Plus version" I'm not too certain.
  • Rain so pretty.

  • Impressive. Must buy for me.

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