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Watch The Sun Set In An Audi R8 V10 Plus

Take a tour of DriveClub's Salar de Surire track as the sun sets in an Audi R8 V10 Plus. It's the most romantic way to race.

Evolution Studios, the developer that also worked on MotorStorm, will release DriveClub when the PlayStation 4 launches on November 15. Sony is also prepping a special edition of Driveclub, which will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. This edition will be similar to the retail experience, but will feature a limited selection of cars and tracks. Check out the gameplay below.

Watch some other DriveClub gameplay videos here.

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  • This game looks really, really good!
  • I'd rather watch two sunsets in Tatooine.

  • Does look pretty nice, but not quite as graphically astute as Forza.
  • Looks a little stiff.
  • Mod
    Beautiful, really... But I just can't get into the driving aspect of DriveClub yet. I want to see a drift! Or some not-rigid driving. Or an actual multi-car race. Something that doesn't scream "boredom".
  • not much into racing games, but it looks good.  hope they don't abandon motostorm.

  • Nice looking beta test for next gen. Can't wait until this phase of showing off the power of next gen is over with so we can focus on gameplay again.

  • Might have been the most boring racing trailer I've ever seen.

  • This game looks so *** boring and this is for the PS4... game looks like a PS3 game don't get your hope's so high about the graphics there not going to be eye popping or jaw dropping.

  • It looks pretty, but for me racing games are just too boring. Now slap some machine guns on the front of the car and you'll have something.

  • Graphic-wise it looks very good but I'm still on the fence about this game...

  • I'll try the game out, since a portion of the game will be free with PS+. Also, if you buy the full version of the game, (Physically or digitally) you get 3 months of PS+ for free.

  • I just don't get why they just didn't bring the new Gran Turismo to PS4 instead of having this game. The new Gran Turismo looks SO much better than this.
  • Dunno. See, I'm not impressed by the graphics, but then, I'm a PC gamer and see these kinds of graphics every day. I'm not saying this to be elitist, merely to qualify my opinion with the caveat that I may not be the right target demographic for these supposedly next-gen games.
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  • Well I can tell you Forza 5 has nothing to worry about.

  • I thought this game only had in-car-cam. Did they change that or am I thinking of another game?

  • Watching this made me think what a great time it is to be a gamer and to get to see stuff like this.

  • Looks and sounds pretty good. I love the lights.

  • Looks amazing.

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