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Sony Releases Four DriveClub Gameplay Videos

These videos were taken from DriveClub's Gamescom 2013 demo. Now, those of us who couldn't fly all the way to Germany can see it for ourselves.

  • Looking pretty nice.

  • Mod
    Not really into racing games like I used to be(outside of Mario Kart and Blur)but this sure does look pretty.
  • Holy cow! With graphics like that, all I want is a national parks road-trip game!

  • I remember seeing a similar demo in E3 video and thinking to myself "are they still rendering this at 32 FPS?" Then I figure since I am watching an online video, the camera roll must have been buggy but looking at it here... I don't know man. 60FPS was something I was hoping would become the norm for games this coming gen...
  • It's going to be better on the PS4.
  • I feel like the YouTube compression is taking away from real life experience. Definitely want to see this live

  • Looks great

  • Hearing the background music while watching these really made me wish there was a Ridge Racer game coming out soon. Those games have fantastic soundtracks, even if the racing can be shallow (R4 is still amazing, though).

    This game does look good. Is this more arcade style, or sim style?
  • The graphics on this game are impressive. I will fully support playing this game when it releases. :)

  • Is it open world?

  • I think this game is too dark, plus grainy shadows. I think Forza 4 has better graphics and Forza Horizon. Gran turismo 5 and 6 have glitchy shadows.
  • Good but still not Forza.
  • Man, I hope my PS3 wheel works with the PS4. Nice to have an excuse to use it.
  • I'm trying to understand the purpose of this game, I love racing games and I still miss the PS2 days when there were dozens of options, but whats the point? It's circuit racing, which means that whether they like it or not, it will draw comparisons to Forza and Gran Turismo, both of which are also coming out this year. I think they should've made it more like Ubisoft did with The Club or even Atari with Test Drive Unlimited, an open-world game with their own spin on player-to-player interactions. If they had it take place in a city with surrounding countryside, they would've had me. I love racing games in the city, and since Need For Speed: Rivals takes place in a rural-ish area, and Midnight Club 5 is nowhere in , they could've had that market all to themselves.

  • I didn't like the music in the videos. It would've been nice to see a variety of backgrounds on the different videos. The game looks pretty decent. I'm sure ill try the free to play version when I get my ps4 but I'm also buying an X1 and Forza 5 so I'll be able to judge for myself which is better. My prediction is Forza. The Forza series took the crown from my previous favorite racing franchise GT since Forza 3 and Horizon came on the scene.
  • looks so boring...

  • I would like to see Criterion get a shot at making a destruction engine with the assets from Drive Club. Love or hate their games they have the best model damage on cars next to the dirt series.
  • Looks really good compared to the previous E3 vids. Shaping up to be a good racing game to look forward to

  • Don't like how the driving looks arcade-ish.. I don't have a PS3 so i haven't played GT but im a big fan of Forza and i have grown accustomed to realistic driving sims.. Not much of an Arcade guy so i don't think i'll be playing this.

  • Nice, I watched the vids yesterday and I'm pretty pumped for this game, which is surprising since the only racing game I really liked was Motorstorm. Guess Evolution's games just appeal to me more.

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