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Dragon's Prophet

Checking The Boxes In A Free-To-Play World

The latest trailer for Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming free-to-play MMO, Dragon's Prophet, carefully lists all of the features that players expect from the genre. From "spectacular boss fights" to "epic story line," the video makes sure the bases are covered.

Listing features and delivering on them are two different things. The beta is already running in advance of the game's September release, but we'll have to see how the final product looks before making any judgments. See the latest footage for yourself in the video below.

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  • It looks interesting, too bad I'm already playing SWTOR.

  • i am just not into mmo and all its does look good tho...

  • How great would it be if it was not a MMO ...

  • Cute pets you say? I'm sold.

  • Seems like it has most of everything, now how well is it implemented? Only a month left till I find out!

  • Weird. During that end of trailer list, "Cute Pets" seemed like it had a larger font then the rest of the listen things. Hopefully only a very small amount of those 2000+ quests aren't "Fetch this many items from enemies that only drop it 1 out of 20 times" or "Kill this many enemies in this area".
  • It looks interesting but being a MMO i might not play it.
  • Oh wait this is for the PC.......nevermind. Does look cool though. bummer

  • Whoa. Looks good!

  • I will be checking this out for sure. :)


  • From the coverage iv seen of this seems pretty damn lackluster if iam totally honest.The dragons are the only real interesting point to it.
  • why for the love of odin's beard can't somebody make something like this for consoles and single player?! sheesh...anyway, great trailer and liked the graphics :) should be fun for about a month.

  • Seems like a really interesting MMO to me actually, but then again, I'm a sucker for games that let you own/ride/fight alongside a dragon.

    Why can't we get a new Drakan, like The Ancient's Gate on PS2? Sure, that developer (Surreal) is no more - I believe they got absorbed by Monolith after WB Games bought Midway - but someone else could do one for Sony. I think they published it. Also, why can't Square-Enix talk about Drakengard 3 finally? It comes out in, like, a month in Japan. If Square-Enix doesn't want to localize it, than let someone like XSeed or NIS America do it. Ubi Soft had to bring us the last one. I want a new dragon game on consoles, dangit!

    Speaking of which, I wonder if Dragon Prophet will become another SOE game that will eventually head to PS4? Probably not, seeing as how it's only published by SOE, not developed by them.
  • Looks aesthetically boring. I'll stick to FFXIV!

    Out of curious, anyone else here do the weekend OB?
  • Why can't more games have pet Dragons. Too bad it might only come to pc and ps4 because I would love to play this on mac or Xbox.

  • Great another MMO

  • This looks really good, reminds me off Kingdoms of Amalure but will probably not owe Rhode Island tons of money and file Bankruptcy! :)