SOE is prepping to release Dragon's Prophet – a new free-to-play MMO from developer Runewaker Entertainment – this fall.

Set in a fantasy world where human warriors fight alongside dragons, Dragon's Prophet doesn't sound wholly original, but the free-to-play price is right, so we'll see what we think when the game comes out in North America and Europe on September 18.

"Dragon's Prophet has brought together what every fantasy-MMO player looks for in a new game: intense, action-based combat, a compelling end-game siege system, and more dragons than any other MMO to play and interact with like never before," says President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley. "Open Beta continues to provide us with valuable player feedback, and working closely with Runewaker and Infernum, we have already made major strides in improving the game's performance. We will continue to integrate feedback and make refinements to the game to ensure that Dragon's Prophet delivers a high-quality, meaningful online experience at launch and beyond."

Sign up for the beta here, and check out the game's latest trailer and screens below.