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Dragon's Dogma

New Dragon's Dogma Video & Screens

The bugs in Skyrim may have rendered some of those dragons laughable, but the beasts in Dragon's Dogma look like serious business.

Check out the game's latest trailer in advance of its May 22nd release on Xbox 360 and PS3. It's particularly cool to note that the trailer showcases the game's clinging mechanic, where you can get up close and attach yourself to a dragon before it seamlessly takes flight (sounds like a bad idea!).

For more on the game (be sure to take a look at the new screens in the gallery below), check out this story trailer.

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  • sick and FIRSt
  • This game looks like a combination of Dark Souls/ Monster Hunter with coop! Looks really interesting!
  • Amazing video! And the screens look as gorgeous as ever. This game is turning out wonderful. The co-op even seems great!
  • O.o holy crap this game just looks better and better.  I think it's time I go and preorder this.

  • I might have to get this.

  • idk.  this game does look sick as hell, but idk.  

  • Already preordered! Looks great

  • These graphics are absolutely gorgeous, but how does it play?
  • i hate comparing games but to m this game feels alot like d. souls (just from looking at screens and watching trailers) which in no way is a bad thing. really pumped for this game, maybe it can sooth my pain from the wound skyrim left in my heart

  • I can't help but wonder how good Final Fantasy games would look if they went back to pre 7 settings with todays graphics. Also, this game looks sweeeeet!

  • Wow... now that looks intense.

  • I'd buy it, but.. y'know.. it's Capcom. If one is smart, they'll wait for the obligatory/unnecessary 3rd SUPAH ULTRA HAPPEH FUNTIEM edition.
  • Looks great. Definitely keeping an eye out on this one.

  • Finally I can stop button mashing and being bored in Skyrim.
  • It's already better than Skyrim in every single imaginable way.
  • Super excited for this, I just hope the controls in combat aren't buggy

  • D-D-Double post
  • It looks like there's no hit registration, but other than that looks great.

  • Beautiful.

  • Hmmmn, combat is looking a bit too Monster Hunter style for my tastes. And I tried, OH how I tried to like those games... the needlessly stilted controls are just too much.

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