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Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma Now Coming This May

Dragon's Dogma was originally slated for a March release, but it's slid back into the end of May. Capcom has released a new trailer for the game as a consolation prize of sorts, which shows off plenty of action and a little bit about the game's heart-stealing dragon.

Dragon's Dogma is Capcom's stab at the open-world RPG, and is being developed by members of the core team behind the Devil May Cry series. Dragon's Dogma hits North America on May 22, 2012 and across Europe on May 25, 2012

For more on Dragon's Dogma, check out our latest preview.

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  • *** was looking forward to this.

    Edit: Didn't watch the trailer the first time and that was freakin' awesome. Super excited for this. Kind of a good thing it was delayed because there's a higher chance I'll get it day one.
  • It also comes with the early access to the RE6 demo.
  • That looks really good.

  • one of my most anticipated

  • This was the first I've heard anything substantial on this game and I can definitely say I'm excited for it now. It looks fantastic from what's been shown. Lots of potential.

  • I have high hopes for this game :) looks like a mix of devil may cry/resident evil with monster hunter.Looking foward to it.

  • Ah, another game to put on the radar....

  • Pretty smart of them to push it back. March already has Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken. Dragon's Dogma probably wouldn't do as well if released alongside those two.

  • The online functionality sounds intriguing, might have to pick this up

  • This looks awesome! I didn't expect this to be anything else other than crap.

  • That RE6 demo sure sounds enticing...

  • I've been following this game for about a month, and this actually looks really good. I liked Demon Souls and Dark Souls better than Skyrim. I liked Skyrim, and have been playing TES games since the 90's, but DS will always have a special place in my heart. This game does have some potential!
  • That's actually a fairly smart move on Capcom's part, considering the insane amount of competition from March.

  • I wish Capcom would bring back Breath of Fire. The last game, Dragon Quarter, was really amazing.

  • I don't know.....It looks fun...I just might be tired of this type of game in May....February I have Reckoning, March is Mass Effect 3 and April is Witcher 2.....Might be one I buy in July when nothing is coming out.
  • I wish you got to create your own main character.. The game looks cool, but him.. not so much.
  • Core team behind Devil May Cry?

    Going out to pre-order right now!!!

  • Sweet! The only thing it's missing is Sean Connery's voice.
  • I completely forgot that about this game. It looks great. Although they probably could have used a better voice for that dragon.

  • The villain looks like a shrunken Palpatine.

    Other than that, this looks pretty sweet. It wasn't even on my radar until now.

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