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Dragon's Crown

Vanillaware Shows Off The Wizard

Last time we checked in with Vanillaware's new brawler we got to know the arrow-slinging Elf character. This time we meet the spellcasting Wizard and get a glimpse of his impressive magical powers. In this gameplay footage we even see the magic user transform a wooden crate into a tree minion.

The trailer below is in Japanese, but the hand-drawn art looks good no matter what language you speak.

The game will be available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 6.

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  • I really hope all the moves they're showing off in these trailers are early to mid-game stuff. I hate when a game advertises itself with the coolest high-level moves in the game and then when I finally reach that point in, there's no surprise and considerably less gratification because a 1 minute trailer ruined it for me.

  • Another character without massive boobs? This game is looking like a huge disappointment
  • Mod
    This game-play looks stiff and the art is a tad boring. Well, that didn't stop me from loving MK9, so I'll look into this.
  • Hooray a character without giant boobs!
  • i wonder if there will be preorder bonuses, because that's what i'm doing.

  • =( Why does the guy get to look all cool and mysterious while the chicks have their chests falling out of their outfits? I would probably buy this it weren't for that. And I love Atlus. =( Uggh... Not that I'm against boobs or anything. It's just not realistic or part of the story. I loved Catherine but she was supposed to look that way. Sigh...
  • More I see the more I want this game.  Hand drawn art is just so good and unfortunately not seen much these days.

  • Looking good so far.

  • You definitely don't need to keep selling me on this game because I've already paid for my copy in full. Nice trailer though.

  • Great trailer! The wizard looks fun to play.

  • I don't like the look of him . His spells are so huge that the effects take up Lot of the screen and really blocks out other players' views. I think I will hate him-_-