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Dragon's Crown

See What's In Store For Vanillaware's Upcoming Beat-Em-Up

The wait for Dragon's Crown, Vanillaware's PlayStation 3 and Vita beat-em-up, is almost over. It arrives on August 6, but you can get a quick rundown of the features right now.

With six different classes, allies to recruit (by finding their desiccated corpses and reviving them), a multitude of quests, and attractive art with a hand-painted feel, Dragon's Crown might just be the update this genre needs. 

Our review will be live in the coming days. Until then, Atlus' most recent trailer will have to hold you over.

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  • Can't wait for this on both PS3 and Vita.....

  • I have the PS3 version pre-ordered and will be very happy to pick this up next Tuesday. I really like the art style for this and other Vanillaware games including Odin Sphere and Muramasa the Demon Blade. Those two are really good games and people should try them out if they like Dragon's Crown. Odin Sphere is $4.99 on PSN, that's a steal right there.

  • This is looking really good