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Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown Coming To Vita And PlayStation 3

We couldn't be more excited that the creators of Odin Sphere and Muramusa have a new action/RPG for HD Sony platforms. You'll love the first trailer and screens.

The newly announced Dragon's Crown will be Vanillaware's first true high-def game. Targeted for a spring 2012 release, the game features play for a single player, or up to four players working cooperatively -- including online play.

The game plays as a 2D action-oriented title with some brawling overtones, but you'll be exploring a maze of dungeons and slaying monsters along the way. The game includes six different classes, all of which are customizable.

Ignition claims that Dragon's Crown will feature the same hand-drawn animation, special effects, and soundtrack for both the home console and portable version, and there will be interoperability between the two. How that interaction between systems will work remains to be announced.

Last week, we posted a new trailer for Grand Knights History, which Vanillaware is working on for the PSP. It's great to see the developer has the reach to expand to a second game. Check out the breathtaking trailer, first screens, and remarkable art from Dragon's Crown below.

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  • Like Muramasa before it, this game looks incredible. This will be one of my first purchases when I get a Vita

  • Very cool, always wanted to play odin's sphere and muramusa but never wanted to get another system.  Be cool if they get brought over to vita or playstation store.  However, those breasts, good god...

  • I am truly astounded that no front page comments were on the character design. The proportions on that thong/poleax lady are quite disturbing...

  • The characters make me want to vomit.

    Other than that, looks great!