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Grand Knights History

Watch Grand Knights History Come To Life

The team that brought you the beautiful Odin Sphere and Muramasa has a new action/strategy release on the way. New trailer after the jump.

Some of the most intricately crafted and gorgeous games within the anime-inspired field come from Vanillaware. Both Odin Sphere and Muramasa had inimitable visual presentations.

The team behind those games is now working on Grand Knights History, a PSP project set for release in Japan on September 1st. Sadly, no North American release has been revealed.

Grand Knights History shares many of the visual traits of previous games from Vanillaware, but the gameplay looks like a pretty significant departure, veering more into turn-based strategy. Players customize characters from three different classes and then lay them out in advantageous formations for battle.

Here's hoping Vanillaware recognizes how many North American fans it has, and reveals plans to bring the game stateside.

[Thanks to Siliconera for spotting the trailer]


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  • Looks like Muramasa (which i LOVED) and Final Fantasy combined. Could be an awesome combination
  • If this makes it to the west it will probably make me regret selling my PSP. I love the art so much it gives me goosebumps.

  • Staff
    Wooo! More Vanillaware, please.
  • Mod
    First thing I thought of was Valkyrie Profile, from the way the combat screen was set up. I haven't had much of a taste for JRPGs lately (or western RPGs - really, RPGs in general, except for Baldur's Gate II and Diablo II), but this looks pretty unique. At the very least, it's gorgeous.

    I haven't gotten around to playing Muramasa or Odin Sphere, but I've always heard they were great. I'll probably check them (and this) out.
  • I am a huge fan of this music. I love violin...

  • Vanillaware is one of my favorite developers. Especially because of Odin Sphere as it is my favorite PS2 game of all time. I really hope this comes out here, and they also need to release Princess Crown here.
  • PSP?

    Odin Sphere was a good game, very pretty.  Definitely intrigued.  I'm game for some Vanillaware and a good old JRPG (ok, that sounds far worse than what I mean).

  • This game is so Japanese... and I like it

  • 世界は待っている "A world is waiting." 新たな英雄の出現を "A new hero makes his appearance." さあ、剣を取れ "Come, take up your sword!" 若き戦士たちの物語が、 いま幕を開けるー "Now the curtain opens to the story of the young warriors..." 「朧村正」の制作スタッフが贈る "From the staff that brought you 'Muramasa'" ファンタジーRPGの極み "The height of fantasy RPGS!" プロデュース はしもとしふみ "Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto" 開発 ヴァニラウェア "Developer Vanillaware" サウンドプロデュース 崎元 仁 "Sound Producer Hitoshi Sakimoto" 国家のために生き 国家のために死す "To live for this country. To die for this country." ”最強”の称号 "The title of 'the strongest'". 歴史に名を刻め "Carve your name in history!" そして戦場は、無限(ネットワーク)の世界へ "And head towards an infinite world on the battlefield." 集え!誇り高き戦士たちよ "Assemble proud warriors!" I don't know why I bothered doing that... Hope someone cared... :P
  • dame psp release :( seem lke a good potenntial for 3ds :\

  • I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what is going on in this trailer however, Vanillaware has never disappointed me so I'll keep an eye out.

    Hopefully they make a NGP, PS3/360, or New Nintendo Console game soon, Graphics/artwork are beautiful in there games but it'd be better on HD consoles.

  • Am I the only one who immediately thought FFT when seeing the trailer? I'll probably be checking this out. I'm a sucker for sprite RPGs lol. *** you nostalgia!

    What, I can't say d-anm? WTF censors?
  • I just realized, my life has been too empty of JRPGs or RPGs for that matter

  • Man that looks like a winner and definitely deserves to be filed under "marvelous".

  • Muramasa was pretty, but I could never get into the gameplay for some reason.
  • Looks like a more awesome Valkyrie Profile, if that's possible. Hopefully, if/when this gets a stateside release, it gets released on PSN and on physical media. I'd like to download it to the NGP/Vita, since I have no plans to get a PSP with the system on its way out.

  • great looking trailer

  • Yes, please bring stateside with Japanese voice acting. KTHANXBAI.

  • RPGs and strategy games really no their art!