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Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

Punch Your Brains Out With Dragon Ball Z For Kinect Trailer

While it's too early for us to say whether or not you'll have fun playing Namco Bandai's Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, it's safe to assume you will look extremely silly doing so.

This Xbox 360 exclusive brings all the real-life fast-punching and karate kicking you'd expect to your living room, allowing Dragon Ball fans to live out their spiky-hair fighting fantasies. This new trailer gives us our first look at the game in action. For more, check out our original story on the game.

  • I have a feeling this is gonna be quite bad. The DBZ games were already getting really old, now this one will add terrible controls on top of that.
  • http://chzgifs.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/youknow_sg.gif...that is how I feel.
  • take it to the grantor (grantor,grantor,grantor)take it to GRA, DRAGONBALL GT, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHtake it to the grantor (grantor,grantor,grantor)take it to GRA, DRAGONBALL GT.
  • My word, that looks just abysmal...
  • :( this looks terrible
  • I am ready.... to punch my brains out!!!!

    this game looks awful
  • dragon dragon, pump the dragon

  • become a super "sa-eye-an" lol wow. it's "say-in"!
  • this will be a total bust unfortunately

  • That dude looked like he was getting so tired fighting Frieza.
  • This looks like an elaborate april fools joke. I love dragonball z, but i've never even seen a single one of their games outside of super replay showdown. That wasn't as bad as I expected, but this is too painful to look at -_-
  • Haha this looks insanely terrible, but I will probably have so much fun with this. Say what you want with Kinect games, I always find the fun in them for some reason. I'll pick this up and give it a shot!
  • people should stop milking the DBZ train for realz!!!

  • I just choked on my food from laughing so hard at this :D

  • Cue jokes about needing to give long winded speeches to your Kinect before each fight in order to unlock said fight.

  • Its like michael bay and ninja turtles.................

  • omg GI you have to do a Live Stream of this. It looks almost as ridiculous as Star Wars Kinect.
  • Eeeeehhhhhhh...... NOPE!
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