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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Video Preview

Battle of Z is a new take on the Dragon Ball Z fighter from a new developer, and we played through a short demo to see how the game is coming together.

Battle of Z opens up the combat arena giving players a full range of movement in 8-player battle royales. Video producer Ben Hanson and myself have been fans of the show since its North American airing on Cartoon Network more than 10 years a ago, so we decided to take a look at the new fighting system in action.

For more on Battle of Z, check out the most recent trailer for the game.

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  • Awesome :)

    This game's been off my radar, despite the impeccable credentials of the developer (we all know ArtDink from Tails of the Sun!). But even so, it still makes for a fun video preview. I'm surprised that publishers like Namco-Bandai here don't do this kinda thing themselves on their Youtube channels. Thanks for the look, Kyle & Ben!
  • 8 players? This really has peaked my interests.

  • I just want another Tenkaichi with couch co-op. Those were some of the best times on my PS2.
  • It's about freaken time more than 2 people can be in the battle.  It was so lame "tagging" people in during 2v2's.  Now they can finally make a game that actually captures the DBZ feel.

  • One of the only new releases I want.

  • I could never get into dragon ball z. Its just the costumes, they bug me to much.

  • i love dragon ball z =D btw, SS4 is not cannon anymore with the release of the new movie.
  • Super Saiyan God makes entire sense after you watch the movie. It seems odd out of context, however.

  • Will it have a special "power up" mini game where the fighters power up for 45 minutes lol?
  • its...OVER 9000
  • I'm loving the prevalence of video features and the like. Keep it up!
  • This game is such a big maybe for me. Not a fan of how developers keep moving further and further away from art styles that look like the show, though this does look better than the past few games. We'll see I guess.

    BTW: I googled the SS God form you guys talked about...it's pretty underwhelming. Looked more or less like Kaioken with the red aura and hair, if Goku also lost half his muscle mass. Apparently all the gods in the DBZ universe are scrawny little fecks.

  • ehh i'll most likely wait till it gets cheaper to get/play it.

  • My wish for an amazing DBZ game has been long standing. At first I thought a Final Fantasy esque game would be amazing, and I still do think that, but with the technology we have now, I'd much rather they make an open world game with a customizable protagonist. The game would be full of adventure, fighting baddies, and hopefully would be non-linear with plenty of interesting side quests. It's a tall order, and I suspect it will always be a dream, but man it would be so awesome.

  • If they can include more of the movie villains like Turles and Cooler while having the cinematic Super/Ultimate Moves similar to Ultimate Tenkaichi, I'm definitely getting. I loved the wealth of characters that Raging Blast 2 had but I found the Ultimate Moves unimpressive, after all it's cool to see a part of the planet explode, and that they didn't include Omega Shenron in the roster.

  • It seems these guys have not watched the show or movies in years
  • I love this show. It's just so cool watching everyone beat the crap out of each other. I haven't really liked the games all that much since Tenkaichi 3, but this looks like it's shaking up a little. They really need an artstyle that nails it though.

  • No local coop annnnnd I no longer care
  • I'm still waiting for them to make a true DBZ open world(s) action or rpg game. Not sure why pretty much every DBZ game has been a fighting one.

  • they mentioned Dragonball Z Kai and my colon erupted. I hate Kai so much. It's a soulless abomination and perversion of Dragonball Z

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