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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Announces January Release Date With New Trailer

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – the Dragon Ball game so nice, they put a Z in it twice – is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Vita in January.

Battle of Z is the first brand new Dragon Ball Z game to release in the past two years. It features a large cast of characters, including new characters from recently released Dragon Ball Z films in large open-area 3D combat. The game is developed by Artdink, a studio best known by Game Informer readers as the developer behind Tail of The Sun.

The game will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Vita on Januray 28. For the game's previous trailer, head here. For more information, head here.

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  • If it's better than Ultimate Tenkaichi, I won't consider it a stinker. The last few DBZ games have been pretty sub par.

  • Nolan North is Goku?
  • Really loved DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi II back on the PS2. Wish they'd bring these games to PC though

  • Sounds fun! The only DBZ I've ever owned is DBZ Budokai tenkaichi 3.

  • I might get so my college buddies and I can play it all night. We're all pretty big fans of the show and we just watched a subbed version of Battle of Gods. Here's hoping it's better than Ultimate Tenkaichi.
  • Tail of the Sun follow-up?  Gimme.

  • I used to love DBZ games, but I stopped playing after the first Tenkaichi.

  • This game looks so good, I really hope it lives up to it's potential. I haven't owned a DBZ game since, BT3 after that everything was meh.

  • I've always liked these games as a fan and as a game. They were always insanely easy to play and the combos were simple to pull off. I also liked the huge roster of characters too. I can't wait for this to come out, glad to see its coming to the vita also.

  • I will always hold Budokai 3 as the best DBZ game ever made, with Tenkaichi 3 being a close second. Doesn't help that I'm not digging the art style anime games keep pushing for. Personally I think the more an anime game strays from looking like a cartoon the less interest I show; this love for more realistic cel-shading is one of the factors keeping me from playing. Haven't looked seriously at any DBZ game since BT3 and it seems this one won't break that trend.

  • That was so cheesy... It hurt...
  • That trailer... Oh man, comedy gold... AND WHAT'S UP WITH THE RANDOM NARUTO COSTUME!?
  • What I'd give for Tenkaichi 2's gameplay with Ten 3's roster and Budokai 1's cutscenes
  • Hope this one actually turns out well.

  • DODGE!

  • the games get progressively worse and worse and this is coming from a guy who is in love with the series

  • Good news indeed! I've been waiting for a new DBZ game for a while now. Glad to hear it's coming out for the Vita as well.

  • So hype!!!!!

  • Caution: using the Spirit Bomb attack will blow up your console.

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