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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The Mysterious Character Is A Customizable Avatar

It turns out the mysterious Dragon Ball Xenoverse character that Bandai Namco has been teasing since E3 is whoever you want them to be.

Male, female, Earthling, Majin, or Namekian – the character that we've been wondering about for months is completely customizable from race, to accessories, to clothing. Since his (now its) unveiling, we were lead to believe the character was created for Xenoverse to be part of the Dragon Ball Z canon. It's technically not untrue, but it's definitely not what we were expecting (though we did have our assumptions). Now we need to learn more about the futuristic city that has been teased alongside the character. You can check out more of the customization options in the gallery below.

For more on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, head here and here. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. You can check out our E3 2014 coverage of the game here and watch an episode of Did You Know Gaming on Dragon Ball Z games by hitting the link.

[Source: Dragon Ball Xenoverse on Facebook]

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  • Lol, obviously.

  • This was fairly obvious from the beginning honestly, there was no consistency with the character's appearance.
  • And I was hoping the "original" character was some alternate timeline child of Goku and Bulma. Sigh!
  • The Majin race looks pretty sweet!

  • Wow. The game looks great. I kinda want it....

  • Yeah not really surprised. The DBZ fans around here kinda picked that guy apart and determined this info with some pretty sound logic. Regardless, this game might be fun. But why no regular Dragon Ball games? I like that series better than Z.
  • That's no surprise. He had adult Gohans face and hair, trunks clothes, piccolos cape, and a saiyan scouter. If it wasn't a customizable character that would've been a surprise.
  • Yeah... no duh. They pulled this thing before in another DBZ game too you know...

  • Not surprised, but still really cool. I look forward to making my own warrior.

  • Here I was a little hopeful to have a new canon character make a little appearance in the game

  • Who is surprised by this? You don't have to be an expert on Dragonball to know that thar was obviously a created character. In a more constructive comment: This game seems to build on the plot of Dragonball Online Universe, which was actually written by Toriyama, himself.
  • And here I got my hopes up for nothin . . .
  • Woohoo! PS3!

  • I think we all guessed this from the beginning. The way the character was dressed (Picollo's cape, Gohan's hair, Trunks' jacket) just screamed customization to me.

  • Wait, Majins are a race? I thought Majins were just people that Babidi used his mind control on.
  • TBH I have wanted a story-based Dragonball game with a character you make since I was a child, so even though I have given next to no attention to DBZ for maybe 10 years (I did get burst limit, but didnt like it at all) I think I will be getting this.
  • Female Namekian? Female Majin? Welcome to my anticipated game queue Xenoverse.

  • I thought there was not such thing as a female Namekian... I'm not complaining though. This game is obviously non-cannon.

  • To think there were people who thought it was Gohan or Trunks...

  • Super Kami Guru allows this.

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