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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Budokai Developers Bringing Dragon Ball Z To New Generation Of Consoles

We weren’t able to get our hands on Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse, but Bandai Namco did play the game for us, and offer some teases for what’s to come.

Before even starting the demo, Bandai Namco said that Xenoverse, from developer Dimps, not only brings new elements to Dragon Ball Z fighting games, but also to the world of Dragon Ball Z. In an effort to tease on this promise, we were shown two images. One of an unrecognizable futuristic city, and one of a new character seen from the back. He had hair like Goku’s, but it was colored red, wore a jacket with a prominent Capsule Corporation logo on the sleeve, and wore a Saiyan Scouter on his left eye. Bandai Namco teased that he may be a combination of other Dragon Ball Z characters, but that’s all it would offer.

The demo we got to see was billed as more of a, “sneak technical preview.” The game is set for simultaneous release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, but Bandai Namco said the new-gen versions are the main focus of development. The game looks sharp, but the most impressive element of the visuals were the characters’ animations and facial expressions. We saw Goku take on Frieza on a collapsing Namek, and you could really see all wincing and angry brow-furrowing that goes alongside a Dragon Ball Z fight.

Next up we saw a fight between Goku and Cell on the arena that appeared in the show. Xenoverse uses the Havok physics engine, so elements of the environment were collapsing in a more realistic fashion, and the arena floor was accurately responding to the on-screen action by breaking apart into chunks.

Next up was a quick fight with Goku and Buu. It was during this fight we saw underwater fighting – a new addition – and Goku’s ability to go Super Saiyan mid-match. You won’t choose between the regular and Super Saiyan versions of characters anymore before the match. Now, you will be able to power-up through the course of the match. We saw Goku go up to his third Super Saiyan form with his long flowing mane of yellow hair.

From our brief showcase of the game, the gameplay seemed to be more in line with the recent Battle of Z than previous Dragon Ball Z fighters from Dimps. When I asked for confirmation regarding whether we would be seeing a more open arena fighter as opposed to a more traditional fighter, Bandai Namco was coy offering that the game was still early in development. We should learn more regarding the game’s release window before the end of the year.

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  • I stopped playing these games after Sagas on the Gamecube, but I am a big Dragon Ball Z fan, so I'd like to dip back into the games and since I plan on getting a new console soon, this might be it.

    I would sell part of my soul if they would have the guts to make an alternate-universe open world DBZ game where you could make and play your own Saiyan. Never gonna happen, but a man can dream can't he?

  • Fighting under water and transforming during a fight aren't new. I hope the stages are more open.

  • Hot damn this looks gorgeous. That said, it will not mean much if this game turns out to be mediocre. PLEASE PLEASE don't be like Battle Of Z. I tried the Battle Of Z demo on PS3 and I really didn't like what the style of it. Idk, maybe it's just me.
  • "It was during this fight we saw underwater fighting –a new addition – and Goku’s ability to go Super Saiyan mid-match." But that was in DBZ: Budikai series... On that note, I just want Budokai 4. I liked the capsule system in the Budikai games and enjoyed the 2.5D aspect of the game rather than the 3D of the later games.
  • Not sure if this author has played the previous games. Underwater fighting and mid-match transformations are definitely not new.

  • My guess is that story will have an emphasis on time travel and that we might be able to create our own characters now. Anyway, I just want an original story this time around. Not every DBZ game has to tell the same story.

  • Haven't paid much attention to DBZ for some years so forgive my question if it sounds dumb but, is that Super Saiyan God Trunks?
  • Same stuff as always. We just want Budokai 4 man.
  • Please just go back to the Budokai 1-3 style. Those games were so much better than the tenkaichi series.
  • "A clock that stopped will start to tick again." That sounds like a new plotline is going to be featured in the game. Along with what appears to be SS4 or SS God Trunks at the end...... What are you up to Mr. Toriyama?
  • Red hair and clock ticking? Crono.

  • Trunkollo?
  • They are so shiny!

  • And here comes the newest fanfiction.

  • Yeee I'm excited. Guilty pleasures ahoy!

  • www.youtube.com/watch

    Check out gameplay from E3. As for underwater combat the point is that we have swimming animation along with running. This is alpha footage but it looks amazing. The stages are so open too.

  • Zenoverse [Ya, with a Z] will have some alternate timelines, like where Goku marries Bulma instead.

    Or when Baby went.......

    *user terminated*

  • cool. DBZ for PS4 and XB1
  • This does look really cool, but it's hard for me to get too excited, since Dragon Ball games have a spotty history, especially recently.

  • I love DBZ but even though these games are new-gen only they look just like they did two generations ago... The Budokai and Tenkaichi games were the peak of the series and they should have improved upon that by adding new characters (without removing others), better polish, new modes and so on. Instead they usually make way reduced fighting games that aren't as exciting. Also, it's about time they made a great 3D DBZ Action-RPG spanning the whole saga. It's like they pretend they don't have enough money to invest in a really worthy game.

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