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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

New Character Fights His Way Into Series Canon

After retelling TV series canon for more than a decade, the newest Dragonball Z game brings a narrative twist with an all-new character.

Revealed at E3 2014, Dragon Ball Xenoverse introduces a new, caped character with spiky, red Saiyan-style hair and iconic scouter who battles through the events of the show. Though we don’t know this new character’s name yet, we do have some screens of him interacting with existing Dragon Ball Z mainstays.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. For more, check out our coverage of the demo at E3 2014 and watch the latest Did You Know Gaming video on Dragon Ball Z games.

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  • I think this character maybe Goku Jr. son idk. Im am just throwing ideas out there.