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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

New Character Fights His Way Into Series Canon

After retelling TV series canon for more than a decade, the newest Dragonball Z game brings a narrative twist with an all-new character.

Revealed at E3 2014, Dragon Ball Xenoverse introduces a new, caped character with spiky, red Saiyan-style hair and iconic scouter who battles through the events of the show. Though we don’t know this new character’s name yet, we do have some screens of him interacting with existing Dragon Ball Z mainstays.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. For more, check out our coverage of the demo at E3 2014 and watch the latest Did You Know Gaming video on Dragon Ball Z games.

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  • I have a feeling they are implying you get to make your own character and able to equip popular items from the series.

  • I think it could just be custom characters making a come back.

  • Calling it now, has to be a created character. Everything he is wearing is from a character that already exists in DBZ. He's got the scouter of a Frieza/Saiyan soldier, the jacket, pants and boots of Trunks, the scarf/cloak-thing of Piccolo, the hair-style of Adult Gohan but with the color of SS4 Gogeta, and the shirt of... Yamcha? Maybe? All in all, I am hoping this is teasing a far improved version of character creation in a DBZ game. That is a mode I want so badly in a DBZ game and I want to be able to create more than what Ultimate Tenkaichi allowed.
  • Seriously, people. This is just a guy from a future/advanced world who is travelling time and observing legendary fights that occurred. DBZ characters all have the same face so saying that this is Gohan is ridiculous.

    Sure, this character could be a hint towards character creation and our character plays the role above, all the speculation is moronic. That cape is Piccalo's? It's a cape. Buu has one. A scouter? The guy has a CC Jacket, Bulmer owned a Scouter at some point. Connection?

  • Im really hoping this is a character creation game where you can play through the series and become stronger and eventually super saiyan through trials and how you fight!!!!!

  • This is character creation no doubt. He has red gohan hair, vegeta's scouter, piccolo's cape, trunks jacket and he performs the special beam cannon. Everything about him is ripped from all the other characters with the only difference being the change in color. If the devs were going to start making new characters they would get a lot more creative with them.
  • Why is Trunks dressed like a Soviet?

  • Heres what this is.. instead of people coming up with conspiracy theories...

    This is to show character creation. I mean look, he is wearing the EXACT same outfit as future trunks. The cape and scouter are probably just toggable and can be equipped if you want them to.

    I really hope that the customization is better because in the last one, you just got the option to change the color of other's clothes, rather than mixing different character's clothes.

    So instead of "Gohan's great great grandson" or "a fusion of trunks and gohan with red hair" realize how impractical that would be.

    It's character customization, nothing more

  • looks like gohan figure with trunks outfit and piccolo Cape and a scouter and red hair so I'm going to save character creation

  • They should just create a DBZ game like Naruto Ninja Storm 3, and give it a character creation.

  • Am I the only one who has not liked the art direction of last-gen DBZ games one bit? Evey thing looks very clay-ish, the cel shading feels off, there's tons of bloom on the characters. It just looks unnatural.

  • Someone else said it before, its basically Crono with a Gohan hair cut from the Buu Saga.

  • Watch the new dbz movie Battle of the Gods
  • This is going to be funny!

  • Gohan and Trunk's love child.

  • Almost certainly a created character, given it's mismatch.

  • I heard this was gokus grandfather gohan. Maybe a story before dragonball.
  • The Red Hair is part of the New Movie. A New level For the Sayains. Goku powers up to a new level with Red hair. It is part of the New "God level" Movie.

  • Who dat is?

  • It will probably be a semi create a character fighter, where we get to play as X, and we get to customize him, and hopefully make decisions that will effect the storyline, and how the story progresses. That would be awesome.