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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Part Two Of Dragon Age: Inquisition's Narrated E3 Demo Is Online

A new video from BioWare walks through more of Dragon Age: Inquisition as it was presented at E3 earlier this year.

This is part two of of the game's E3 demo. In this video, creative director Mike Laidlaw shows off Redcliffe Castle, and about 15 minutes of gameplay covering combat and story details.

To see part one of the gameplay demo, head here.

For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition, check out our recently posted hands-on impressions. You can also click the banner below to see all of our features from when the game was on our cover. Dragon Age: Inquisition releases October 7.

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  • I'm pretty excited for this. Is this supposed to be the last game in the series? Or will there be more?
  • This looks great for an alpha build. I just hope the rest of the game lives up to it and that the story manages to stay somewhat more consistent than DA2. Other than a few reservations, I'm pretty exited for it.

  • After Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 I do not trust Bioware at all... But... But... But damn this looks promising!
  • Could have sworn that this was already posted on the earlier article since it was released that day. Seems GI is kind of slow this week.
  • Did anyone else see what appeared to be Sera's corpse dropping to the floor as the demons walked through the big door near the end there?
  • I'm REALLY hoping to go into some more dwarven cities in this one. Knowing Dragon Age, it should happen.
  • I usually don't pre order games but I just did it with this one and Destiny (love Bungie goodies) @.@

  • I haven't played any Dragon Age games before, but man the combat in this looks fun. Also, it looks pretty. Oh, so pretty.
  • So it's safe to say the final graphics on consoles will look nothing like this right?
  • Awesome insight here. Nice to see leliana has clearly undergone some changes in the 10 or so years since origins. Am still not a fan of all that constant "maker guide me" stuff she says in battle instead of just firing the arrows. Would have preferred she went the badass route with cooler lines but i guess there's iron bull for that role.

  • Can't wait. Looks great. Hoping to see some Keira Knightley Morrigan footage... for academic reasons of course. I was never a fan of Leliana. Also, thanks for posting the Youtube source GI. Any other player is slow for me.
  • I will be very upset if I lose many of my teammates, they all looks so cool and likeable!!!

  • I feel a lot of dead companions in my future. No wonder the cast is so big. My initial thought was, "How will I choose?" My new thought is, "How will I keep anyone alive?" Ha. Should have known it was coming. Can't wait for the guilt when the story (yes, I will blame the story) kills off my favorite companions.

  • Come oooooooooon October.

  • Good lord, I just noticed something.... THERE'S NO HAND OR LEG ARMOR SECTION?!?!?! Watch the video, you'll find a noticeable lack of those icons on the inventory screen. I sincerely hope that this isn't the case. It's bad enough that they have the whole mid section as one piece of armor, limiting it to only TWO PIECES OF ARMOR is downright insulting. This is pretty much a deal breaker in my eyes if ends up being true. I know it seems petty, but I don't think I can stomach such a downgrade in a game that's supposed to pride itself in allowing you to customize your player character.
  • Customizable Quanari caster! I'm sold.

  • I wasn't going to buy this game since I missed Dragon Age 2 but now I'm convinced that I need to experience this game as it looks fantastic. I'm going Human Male Warrior and Female Qunari Mage. Need to read up on the dragon age wiki before it is released in October.

  • Man this game keeps on looking better every time I see new stuff. Man I can't wait.

  • What's left to say, this has the potential to be GoTY for me. Destiny, D3: ultimate evil edition, Shadow of Mordor, lots of games in October look great. But nothing has me chomping at the bit like this game. My kind of RPG, and these videos make the wait seem even longer.

  • I've watched all the vids for like 5 times now. Very exited for this title. Last game I pre-ordered was Bioshock 1. All the vids are probably on PC as some people are saying, but it is frostbite. It does very well on PS4 with BF4 and NFS. I also like that the game will release with a steady 30fps on both consoles. Don't be scared. It will be the most beautiful RPG we've ever played. Sadly, I hate to wait any longer on this game. AARRGHHH!!11!!