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Disney Dips Deep In The Toy Box In Latest Disney Infinity Trailer

Disney Infinity's big hook is that it's essentially two games in one. In addition to providing character-themed gameplay based on familiar licenses, the game allows players to jam elements from a wide array of Disney properties together in a chaotic, free-form Toy Box mode. A new trailer shows off more of the Toy Box action, including samples of the kinds of games-within-a-game creations that players can make on their own.

The clip shows off what's possible given enough time and interest. In many ways, it's a lot like LittleBigPlanet 2. Some players are going to be content playing the baked-in games or downloading other peoples' creations, while others will likely spend hours tweaking switches and logic controls to make their cars-themed pinball machine work exactly the way they want. The gallery of screens at the bottom focus more on the chaotic mash-up angle that the game provides. 

Disney Infinity will be hitting stores on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and 3DS on August 18. It was originally slated for a June release, but it was delayed so the development team could make sure that it "sings and pops."

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  • I'm definitely going to pick this up for my daughter and myself to mess around with! This is a really smart move, video game wise, for Disney to pursue. I hope they introduce studio ghibli characters in the future also!
  • I'll get it for 3DS when the price of the game lowers.

  • looks great for kids
  • Skylanders better enjoy it's time in the spotlight while it can because this is going to overtake it without even trying. I'm actually excited about this game myself I grew up watching and still watch Disney movies and this looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

  • I can already hear my little sister begging both my parents and me for this as soon as it launches later this year. She is quite obsessed with Disney-related things, and this will be one thing that she will want above anything else.

  • Wow. This looks a million times better than Skylanders.

  • I was interested in Skylanders when it released but did'nt think it was worth the money. Now I see this Disney game and it looks similar to but yet cooler than Skylanders. Will probably get this for myself (I don't have kids and would have gotten Skylanders for myself as well) now that I can afford games like this. And gotta agree with LotusOmegaFactory on the subject of in the future releasing Studio Ghibli characters, now I would collect all the Ghibli characters! Just imagine a No Face charcter (from Spirited Away), a Howl as bird figure (from Howl's Moving Castle) or the moving castle itself as a figure, a big figure. Possibilities are endless with Disney AND studio Ghibli stuffs.

  • Wow, this game actually looks fun!

  • Disney is going to be taking a lot of my money once this is released. It looks amazingly neat.

  • Looks a LOT better than Skylanders.

  • This is just irritating. They are gonna create a game thats only for little annoying brats which will have an even fewer audience than the audience they'd get from Star Wars 2013 or Battlefront 3. FU*CK you Disney. Disney and EA are both the worst companies in the world.
  • Hmm, all I'm really seeing is a game basically doing what TS3's toy chest mode did.
  • Interesting, this is on 3DS too? Well, action-figure cost won't factor in at least. As long as it's not too pricy and the level of creativity is high, I 'spose I might give this a shot after a significant price drop.

  • Somehow, this will be the first Disney Game to feature penises. I don't know how, but as long as players can share content on-line, it WILL happen. 'Tis the rule of video games. "If you let them make things, they will make penises"