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Learn More About Dunwall's Cast In First Of Three Webisodes

By now, you should already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Arkane Studios' upcoming Dishonored. The stealth/action game is filled with multiple ways to approach navigation, missions, and combat. It's also filled with a few interesting characters, as the first of three new webisodes hopes to show.

In this animated video, we learn more about disgraced scientist Esmond Roseburrow. After his career was essentially deleted, Roseburrow took it as a challenge to follow a new path. He eventually discovered the fuel source that powered Dunwall's industrial revolution. You can see the whole story embedded below. It's also narrated by Kick Ass' Chloe Grace Moretz, if you're in the mood for feeling starstruck.

Look for Dishonored on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 9. As always, you can take a look at our special hub for the game here, and see a ton of exclusive videos and features.

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  • Any comment above mine is stupid.
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  • That was haunting. The animation had a slick and ethereal quality to it, as if the whole video was a nightmare-dream being viewed in a pool of oil. Very nice.
  • If only I wasn't getting a Vita and Black Ops 2 this year...this shall be the first game I get next year, followed by Resident Evil 6.

  • Dishonored isn't a game on my radar but these webisodes might change that. I'm already wondering where this story goes.
  • Finally! We've only heard tiny bits of the story until now! That was a very good trailer BTW.
  • This game looks both really crappy and really good at the same time. It looks like a crappy version of Bioshock mixed with Deus Ex: HR. However, the openness of the game is quite compelling and appealing. I will have to make up my mind on this one soon.

  • Awesome. New stuff on Dishonored is always good, can't wait for this.
  • I like the art style. Let's hope the story of the game matches the intriguing gameplay.

  • Wow, just wow.

  • that was pretty intense. i want dishonored, but right now it's just out of reach from my budget...

  • I already planned on preordering the game but I'm starting to consider attending the midnight release

  • Cool trailer, I look forward to playing it!

  • Man this game looks awesome, they are daring to put out a new IP at the end of the console cycle.

  • This was amazing. I hope there are these stories scattered throughout the game like the messages in BioShock.

  • Incredible. Love the art style.

  • the game comes out in like two weeks...

  • i love it.

  • This was really cool. I'm not into the gameplay of this game now, but the story as well. I can not wait to see how this game is received.

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