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Get Another Dose Of Stealth In New Dishonored Video

Arkane Studios and Bethesda have released another trailer for Dishonored, and it's sure to make all the sneaks out there exceptionally happy.

Shadows! Crouching! Peeking through keyholes! It's all here, along with plenty of other skullduggery. It may not be as deep a dive as an earlier stealth walkthrough, but it doesn't require as much of a time investment. At least, that's the glass is half-full way to look at it.

Dishonored is due out October 9. For more info on the game, visit our Dishonored hub.

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  • you spelled dose wrong in the title
  • Awesome

  • What is it called when you have surpassed all excitement?
  • This game looks great. I wish the campaign was longer though, because I will probably just rent it instead since it is so short
  • Cant wait!

  • Er, do you mean 'dose'??
  • If this game was a little more open I wouldn't have any doubts about getting it.
  • This is easily on the top of my list of games this fall.

  • Questions: Maybe be already answered 1. Do you gain the powers throughout the game, or do you have all of them in the beginning? 2. On Easy (don't know the term for the power, the blue bar) is it Infinite?
  • I actually find it sad that this game, is the most impressive game coming out this year.
  • i wish more people were murdered in this video, there seems to be a lack of....anyway graphically this looks much better than previous videos for some reason
  • not to discredit the game at all because i fapped the entire video, but didn't mgs1 do all of this over a decade ago lol? i mean, obviously, they're bringing more creativity to the table, but they're basically talking about aspects of the game that have been done before. not saying i don't love stealth games nor do i hate this formula, it just seemed like a bit of a pointless video. almost a spiler since i feel that i'd rather have figured all of those things out while playing the game.
  • Man, this looks good. The gameplay looks great. I hope the storyline is good as the gameplay.

  • I'm so hyped for this game! They are just teasing the player so much right now! Pictures and/or videos every week, oh my god its soo AWESOME! Man, Corvo is one awesome guy.

  • Near the top of my list of must-have games this year. I hope the story is equally as entertaining as the gameplay promises to be.

  • I suck at stealth...storm in guns ablazing for me!
  • Yessiree lookin like thers gonna be a good crop o'game come this fall.

  • One of the very few games I am actually looking forward to playing.

  • I am a huge stealth fan, in fact, with the exception of Skyrim, the only games I play are stealth. Even in Skyrim, my character is maxed out on sneak abilities, and I even approach that game in a way that emphasizes stealth. All of this notwithstanding, I can't even start to get excited for this game. The world and setting, including magic, all seem just a little too strange for my tastes. The mechanics seem great, but it looks to me like they would have been better placed in a different setting.
  • Wow.  This game looks freaking amazing!

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