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Dishonored's The Tales From Dunwall - Ep. 2: The Hand That Feeds

Bethesda, Arkane Studios, and Psyop have created a three-part animated web series exploring Dishonored's city, and the second episode is a cautionary tale.

The second of three episodes tells the story of a pitiful boy who gains power through The Outsider. In the game, The Outsider is the one who bestows main character Corvo with his abilities.

Be sure to also check out the first episode.

Dishonored comes out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on October 9.

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  • That was really cool. Kind of got me excited to check out the game.

  • Thats pretty hardcore stuff. It gets me excited for Dishonoreds release.

  • NIN?

  • This one is as intriguing as the first. I'm guessing that the rats are chock full of the plague and that's what killed him. Wonder if these characters will have an appearance (of sorts, cause their dead) in the game. Either way, awesome.
  • Epic. I can't wait to play this game but there as sooooo many good ones coming out back to back. I'll either go broke or drop out of school
  • These videos are so damn good!

  • Looks like another cool webisode for this game, but damn that was pretty dark.  Dunwall is really a pretty bleak and awful place.  I think I'd consider moving over to Gotham City if I lived there.

  • Now this is how you advertise a game. The commercial even captured my wife's attention. I'm headed to Best Buy today to preorder a copy.
  • Mod

    I think it'd be really sweet to get these episodes as a pre-order bonus or something.

  • Game of the year?

  • Really liking these animations. Excited to see the next one. Also, does this mean that once Corvo achieves his revenge, he'll die as well?

  • Wow, that was really well done. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that the creators of this massive game could come up with an impressive two minute video, from both a gaming and horror/literary perspective, that wasn't something we get to see everyday. Makes me all the more excited over the fact that I pre-ordered this game!

  • Amazing. So, amazing.

  • Hahaha so twisted, I love it.

  • These are really creepy webisodes...

  • Good thing I get paid on the 5th.

  • awesomenes!

  • That child's face at the top makes me think of 30 Days of Night.

    These animated videos are great!

  • naw dishonored hasnt really caught my interest or my wallet lol

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