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Digital Combat Simulator World

Digital Combat Simulator World Joins Oculus Rift's E3 Lineup

Yesterday we learned that Playful Corp., the studio behind Words With Friends, is bringing a third-person action/platformer called Lucky's Tale to Oculus Rift. That experience will debut at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, but it won't be the only new VR experience in Oculus' booth. Eagle Dynamics is also set to debut a VR version of Digital Combat Simulator World running on Oculus' hardware.

If you are unfamiliar with this flight simulator franchise, you can play it for free right now, or check out the video below of the PC version in action. The demo Eagle Dynamics is showing off allows players to hop into the cockpits of an F-86F Sabre and an Fw190-D9.

Come back to Game Informer next week for hands-on impressions of Digital Combat Simulator World.

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  • my body is ready. as is my joystick.
  • Might be good practice for Star Citizen.

  • flankers are such beautiful aircraft...

  • Pretty!

  • Now this is a great concept for the Oculus Rift. Add in joystick and throttle control, and I am sold.