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Diablo III

New Diablo III Cinematic Trailer: Black Soulstone

At Blizzcon this afternoon a new cinematic trailer for Diablo III was on display.

The trailer shows a female  writing in manuscripts before awakening in front of a large, demonic army. Blizzard also announced that subscribers of the new World of Warcraft Annual Pass get a digital version of the game free whenever it launches.

Check out the trailer below!

  • This is pretty ***...still, I'm waiting for D3 news
  • OMG I AM SO READY FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!! I really have been waiting a long, long, long, long time for this.

    Edit: Diablo 2 is my ALL-TIME favorite game.
  • Blizzard's cinematic trailers are worth dying for.
  • Nice cinimatic! Makes me interested in getting the actual game. :D

  • Pfffffffft, Azmodan... what a joker. I hope he only turns out to be an Act 1 or 2 boss like his Lesser Evil siblings from D2.
  • Oh my god; Blizzard really need to make a full cgi movie.

  • Definitely check this out on the Diablo site, it has HD. It's beautiful. This trailer is amazing. Blizzard really knows how to do cinematics.
  • Blizzard makes great cinematics.

  • Great cinematic! Just gets me more pumped for the game!

  • I don't think I can take any villain with nipple rings seriously.
  • Blizzard has great stories for all of its three games, but the great thing about eahc of them is if you took the story away it would still be a ton of fun.

  • If I didn't know any better this might fool me into thinking there would be a substantial storyline backing this game up instead of just crazy loot.

  • This may have been the best looking cinematic I've ever seen.  The best ones I saw before this were in Warcraft III.  For a developer to put this much time into their cinematics you KNOW they're putting a ton of time into their game.  Looks amazing...hope my laptop has the power to run this thing.

  • That trailer looks pretty amazing. Ugh, I can't wait for this game!

  • Must get this game. If the game even looks half as good as this trailer, I'm for it.

  • OMG i want this so bad it looks bad @$$ cant wait for it just need to get my self a alien ware pc to play this though

  • Amazing!!!!

  • wait a minute Was that duriel?
  • Wait until this fools meets up with Baal, Mephisto, or Diablo... he will cower in fear/pain/terror no particular order.
  • so his face looks kinda "silly". does anyone smell fish?

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