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Devil May Cry

Dante Just Keeps Showing Off In New DMC Trailer

With a mid-January release, Ninja Theory's reboot of Devil May Cry is poised to become one of the early hits of 2013. Capcom is using the Tokyo Game Show to show players more of what's in store for the post-holiday gaming season by releasing these new screens and a new trailer.

We already know about Vergil, we've heard some of the soundtrack, and we've gotten hands-on time with the game, but that doesn't keep us from getting excited about this new batch of media. The trailer spends a lot of time showcasing combat (and Dante's flaming fists), which has always been the core component of the franchise. Watch the video below to see how everything is coming together in the final months before release.

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  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.. This trailer totally blew.. my.. mind!!! Can't wait to play this! :D

  • Looks alright. It looks like it shaped up to be a solid game, not sure yet about it though. Still think it was totally unneeded change making him angel/demon rather than human/demon. Least Sparda still got cool back story.

  • the game dose look like it's going to be pretty solid but i don't get the whole flameing fist thing but it still looks good

  • It seems important to emphasize that Dante can adapt to small visual changes and yet perform as his wickedness chooses! This should be a milestone or a molehill for sure. 1-17-13 here we come.

  • whoa. I'm impressed. Everything seems to look pretty well in this game. Hopefully the game will be as great as it looks.


  • As a huge fan of the first 4 games, I have to say I'm not interested at all in this one. To anyone who followed the storyline in the first 4, other than 2 really... The story at the end of 4 wasn't finished. I don't understand why Capcom would be so stupid as to reboot a series that wasn't even over. I won't be buying this until I can pick it up in a discount bin for under 20 bucks.
  • My game of the year already!

  • I like the new art direction they chose

  • At first I hated the Idea of a revamp of DMC and hated even more that Ninja Theory was making it but after watching a few game play trailers I gotta say THIS GAME IS BEAST!!!!!!! I am glad that I reserved a copy.

  • Did I just se Vergil with a gun? first Dante gets brown hair and now Vergil looks like Hitler(in my opinon) and uses guns!? what have they done to DMC!!??

  • i say nothing it looks good can't wait for it to come out

  • This lookd awesome :)