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Devil May Cry

We Play With Angels And Demons In DMC

Update: Trailer added. Fans of the Devil May Cry series will love Ninja Theory’s take on the series, but the game should also be able to appeal to a lot of new players.

A majority of DMC takes place inside the demonic realm of Limbo, a dark mirror of our own reality where the environment shifts around and creates obstacles that try to kill Dante. The world’s most powerful demons are able to pull Dante into limbo anytime they wish, but we got sucked into DMC’s fast paced combat right away.

One big change for DMC is the introduction of demonic and angelic weapons. Dante will still possess his iconic sword Rebellion, but he now has access to an angelic-powered scythe and a demonically-infused battle axe. Each weapon performs differently in combat. The axe is powerful and knocks enemies back with a sickening crunch, while the scythe is fast and a great way to work crowds of enemies. While Dante’s sword is a great balanced weapon, some foes will only be vulnerable to either demonic or angelic attacks. Dante will also earn several other types of angelic or demonic weapons as the game progresses, but so far we’ve only seen these two.

Dante’s new angel lift power lets him zip towards enemies, while his demonic push allows him to pull enemies towards him similar to the Devil Trigger abilities in DMC 4. Half the fun of this DMC is working the crowd, pushing and pulling enemies around the screen and flying up into the air to slice them up in classic Devil May Cry fashion.

This spectral pull mechanic can also be used to help Dante navigate the world. The angelic lift can be used to zip towards high points just like a grapple hook, while the demonic pull yanks out large sections of buildings, providing Dante with new platforms to seek purchase.

Our encounter with one of the game’s bosses was a lengthy encounter, but we enjoyed the battle, which saw us battling a massively fat demon as it hung over the side of an acid bath. After hacking at its hands for a minute, this demon leaned forward to spit acid on us, which allowed us to split open the soft parts of its head. After a few cycles of whittling away the demon’s life, we were able to chop off the cable chaining the beast to the ceiling and then shred the demon to hamburger on a giant industrial fan.

The game is fast a fun and it already looks fairly polished, so we’re hoping that Ninja Theory won’t have too much trouble hitting their January 15 release.

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  • I'm going to buy this.

  • This game is looking pretty cool, I just wish they'd made the protagonist a little less of a D-bag Jacob wanna-be.
  • I'm a HUGE fan of DMC and Metal Gear, which means my thumbs will be sore all next year from all the button mashing.

  • This game has always been emo.. they finally caught up to that aspect in character design. But it will bring in those newcomers who fall for that sort of thing. In that light I will begin to call the protagonist "Dainty".

  • Still hate how Dante looks, but if the game is fun that's all that matters. Maybe unlockable skins will be available for the old fans.

  • Screw this crap. Even fans of Dante in MvC3 are lamenting the REAL Dante's loss. Beautiful environments don't make up for 30 FPS, no hard lock and their crap character design. Capcom or NT, I don't care who made it. Bring back Dante as we know and love him. For the record, when I heard about NT's involvment so long ago, I was excited. But now I am just appalled. DMC is one of my favorite series. IF they keep going this direction...RIP DMC
  • watched some gameplay earlier. this game can make Bulletstorm and GTA blush from cursing ...

  • "Fans of the Devil May Cry series will love Ninja Theory’s take on the series," Since when?
  • I love the devil may cry series. I think this amazing gameplay and environments makes up the fact that they completely changed Dante's look. Especially with the hair. But I have seen much worse modifications than that. I'm really looking foward to this game, and I hope many dmc fans will as well.

  • Day one buy even though i won't have time to play it.

  • Hey *** i'm a fan and i don't like their take on the series.
  • I'm excited, but I wish Dante was a little bit more nonchalant about his badassery.

  • I'm glad it's turning out to be good.

  • You people are all so shallow, judging Devil May Cry on his looks and not on its personality and gameplay.You're all like a bunch of *** pre-teen girls.
  • I can already feel the unnecessary butthurt from the character design approaching to the comments.....
  • Wow, and this is still in development?

    I was kinda doubtful about this at first, but man, this trailer turned me around! Love Dante's look, his attitude, his moves, Limbo, everything about the game looks great at this point!

  • It's going to be good, people will enjoy it, and after that they will not care that he doesn't have white hair all the time.

  • "fans will love Ninja Theory's take on the series". Oh Gameinformer, you never cease to amaze me.
  •  Hmm... well, speaking as someone whose only experience with the franchise was the original game wayyy back in the day, I still think the new Dante seems a little too "bad boy/pretty boy."  But I will admit the dialog's definitely a step up from "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!"

     And, if I'm being totally honest, the original Dante was pretty stereotypical in his own right anyway.  So I can't say he's much worse, necessarily.

  • I wasn't sure about this title a year ago, but Ninja Theory is starting to erase my doubts...

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