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Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall For iOS E3 Trailer

Deus Ex is coming to iOS with The Fall, and the latest trailer for the game is all gameplay. You'll see a lot of footage that we already saw in the game's announcement video, but there is quite a bit of new footage, as well.

As former mercenary Ben Saxon, it looks like you have just about all the same abilities as Adam Jensen, even if the visuals have been downgraded slightly to appear on a mobile device.

Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to iOS this summer, and it will be $6.99.

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  • I really don't know what to say.. I was really hoping for a new Deus Ex game for consoles.. but a mobile I was a bit disappointed
  • More and more it seems like we're getting console quality experiences on mobile devices. Even though I don't care much for mobile gaming, I am quite impressed at just how similar the gameplay seems to be to HR
  • This is not what the majority of us wanted, methinks. Eidos really screwed this one up.
  • For a mobile game it really doesn't look too bad. Of course I would have preferred a console title but, more Deus Ex is fine with me - mobile or not.
  • Hope it sells well!
  • Dis looks so awefuuuuuuuul~ Its so bad that the moment I saw him sprinting at the beginning I about died with laughter.
  • Slightly? I'd say that's a huge downgrade from HR's crisp and stunning 2011 visuals.

  • Screw the angry fanboys, I actually like what's being done here. If it can be as good as Dead Space mobile in translating the ideas of a AAA game to mobile gaming, then more power to them. They'll make us a proper sequel soon enough people -- don't do to this what you did to Syndicate and the XCOM adventure-management-strategy-RPG-quasi FPS/turn-based reboot. Just have some bloody faith for once.

    It's even a sequel to the game's prequel novel, so it's not as if this appeared out of thin air. It's already tied to the story and will give what looks to be a far more renegade perspective on the matter.
  • What a waste :/ though I do think this has to do with HR not exactly blowing up at retail, which makes me sad. I was really hoping they would do something a little new with the franchise, this looks far too similar to HR, which I've exhausted after beating it 8 times.

    However, seeing this gives me hope at the same time. Perhaps they are trying to keep people aware of the Deus Ex property while they quietly work on a next-gen Deus Ex. The let the franchise fall by the wayside after Invisible War, so perhaps they don't want to make that mistake again. Fingers crossed.
  • Why IOS? Whatever then haven't played any of the games yet anyways.

  • This shoulda came to 3DS/Vita.... Oh well...
  • So disappointing.

  • Best looking PS2 game I've ever seen.
  • It's a bitesize nugget meant to satiate the hunger of those willing to shell out money for it. This makes me more hopeful that a true sequel might be coming soon after.

  • Now if they could bring it to the Ps Vita and the 3DS :D

  • If I can't like Vice City on my iphone, I doubt my attitude towards console experiences on a mobile will change (don't get me wrong, VC is as good as the PS2 just controls like dog s**t on the iphone).
  • A couple of days later it's still a massive disappointment.

  • You know, the guys and gals at Eidos Montréal are a talented bunch, and in all fairness, it looks pretty good for an iOS game. I just really, really hope that this is just simply a precursor to more Deus Ex coming our way, and next time, on all major platforms.

  • Great system to try and garner more deus fans.
  • I will probably still get this game if it runs on a iOS device that is as old as the ones I have, but I am a bit upset that it is not coming to a platform that I prefer.

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