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Deus Ex: The Fall

Not A Human Revolution Sequel

Earlier this week, Square Enix and Eidos Montréal teased a new title called Deus Ex: The Fall. Many had hoped that this would be a sequel to 2011's fantastic Human Revolution coming to consoles and PC. That is not the case.

Eidos announced today that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to iOS devices. It's a sequel to the novel Icarus Effect and stars a former mercenary Ben Saxon. He has been betrayed by his employers and is on the trail of a conspiracy.

The setting is 2027, the same year as Human Revolution. The visuals have the same grimy urban feel with the familiar golden hue overlaid. 

As for the gameplay, according to executive game director Jean-Francois Dugas, "It was really important for us to make the gameplay as simple as possible." The title features new augmentations, and a user interface that allows players to move icons around the HUD.

Square Enix recently stated it would be focusing more on mobile titles. It seems that those plans are already in motion. Deus Ex: The Fall will be at E3 next week in the Square Enix booth and available for purchase later this summer for $6.99. 

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  • lol not even android... Well that was a disappointing announcement.
  • Hasn't Square Enix learned anything? And I won't even be able to play it on my phone; next you're going to tell me that the base game is 7 bucks and every additional level after that is three.
  • Well, this certainly is a fall- FROM GRACE! A mobile title?! For shame! For shame... They should've told us from the get go- "Hey guys- we're making a mobile title! It's a Deus Ex game." Instead, what they told us was "Hey guys- we're making a Deus Ex game!" And they got everyone all hyped up and roaring for more, only for the fans to now discover that we're getting less than we thought, and on a much smaller scale. For shame.
  • I don't like this move from Square Enix.  

  • I feel like I need to get used to these kinds of disappointments. There are rumors and hype, and it turns out to be a mobile game. Happened with The World Ends With You, All the Bravest (and that was a travesty), and now this. Heck, it happened with Halo! Guess I'd better get used to it. they're not going anywhere.
  • Now I wish they had just released Deus Ex: Human Defiance. At least that game had co-op with J.C. Denton.
  • RIP Deus Ex.... What a huge letdown... :(
  • Wow that was a real kick to the teeth. I knew they would focus on mobile gaming, but didn't think this title would translate. How about developing some retro RPGs for release on PSN and XBL? I mean like the way Mega Man 9 & 10 came about.

  • ...


  • Booooooooo.

  • Mother f*ckers....

  • Why mobile devices? These companies don't want to put their game development resources on a full on console or PC game? Like many...I too am disappointed. :(

    If it has to be a mobile game, why are these game companies so afraid to develop for the PSVita and the 3DS? I stopped purchasing mobile games, in hopes that, if many others do the same, maybe they'll start considering actually developing for these platforms. One can only hope, apparently.
  • What the fuckity *** ***. I was so excited for a new Deus Ex title and then they throw this *** at us!? *** it.

  • And just like that, my interest was lost.

  • oh. lame.

  • Well that was a let down. They just keep goofing on their fans. First a clever ruse that was Human Defiance and now a cruel joke that is iOS.
  • Focusing on mobile games is very polarizing and frankly the wrong way to go with this. Hopefully Square Enix can get their act together soon.
  • I am so f*cking tired of this sh*t. No one wants to buy your sh*tty mobile games, developers.
  • *** mobile. First Halo, and now this. I am extremely disappointed. I refuse to spend more than 99 cents on a mobile game, and even that's rare. Why don't publishers realize that their fans want REAL games; not crappy past times you play while you are taking a crap.
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