Sony announced today that Destiny of Spirits, its free-to-play, spirit collecting RPG and strategy game, is making it's way to the PlayStation Vita on March 25. The game uses a location based model to team players together to cooperatively defeat enemies. Destiny of Spirits underwent a closed beta in October and since then has received several changes, including faster load times and the ability to store more spirits at a time.

In a PlayStation blog post, more details on the game's location based gameplay were explained. Having more friends from all over the world allows for players to trade and obtain spirits unavailable in their region. The post states that Europe and Japan, for example, will have a whole unique set of spirits only available to North American players through trade.

You can check out some new screens for the game in the gallery below, and look for more on Destiny of Spirits as the March 25 release date approaches.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]