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Bevy Of Screens Showcase Gameplay

After a visit to Bungie earlier this month, today brought the opportunity to share our hands-on impressions of Destiny’s three classes, a look at five features that help define Destiny, and a brand new lengthy gameplay video showcasing cooperative play. We’re closing out our day of Destiny coverage with a gallery of over 20 new screens from the game.

Take a look at the new screens below, and when you’re done, click on the banner to hop to our Destiny cover story hub.

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  • The level of character customization, from what we can see in the screens, sets this apart from its shooter predecessors. There's a reason those games do so well, and I believe Destiny is going to build off of that strong foundation.

  • Destiny is gonna be great.
  • It looks great. It's not this hyper realism style, but it isn't really cartoony either. It looks crisp and colorful and the atmosphere and lighting work really well. Wonder what it looks like on the last gen consoles.

  • Man I REALLY hope that this features split screen coop. My fiancee and I are dying to play this together.
  • Any RPGS that let's you customize the hell out of your character is going to be loved by fans and Destiny looks to embrace this!!!


  • Those Hive enemies look really creepy and the environments look so wonderful! Can't wait for the beta and the full game!

  • Looking good Bungie. I'm not usually a fan of online shooters, but this looks like something I will enjoy. You are an all star developer for a reason.
  • The first screen on the 2nd row looks a lot like the skull faced spartan from reach (why can't I remember his name!?!?) EMILE! That's his name.
  • I'm ready.

  • That Wolf Chest plate looks soo badass I want it!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm not really that into Destiny's art style, but I have a feeling I'll like it once I'm playing it

  • So uh, is it September 9th yet? Or at least the day the beta starts?

    I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced. Bungie knows how to make a good sci-fi shooter and from the looks of Destiny, they most definitely know how to improve in all the right places.

  • That Hunter wolf armor though...nice

  • so little have been shown.. and now that they just flat out booted Marty from the company... well what can I say. I was skeptical before. Maybe it's a nice game. what I've seen reminds me strongly of borderlands (with much more customization) with a mass effect'ish exterior.

  • I'm still so lost with how they're going to get all these systems to work together, I hope they go into better detail at E3

  • I'm quite excited for this game. From my perspective, Destiny appears as though it will have the gameplay of COD and the loot of Borderlands.
  • Can't wait to see all of this.

  • The artstyle is pretty solid for a sci-fi shooter imo, just hoping that they dont mess up the loot system. I'll start this console gen with Evil Within, Arkham Knight and Destiny later this year! Couldnt be more excited :)

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