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Explore The Devils' Lair Cooperative Strike

Our visit to Bungie this month included the opportunity to tackle several playthroughs of the Devils’ Lair strike, a newly revealed cooperative mission set in Old Russia on Earth. The mission has players infiltrating a Fallen stronghold in order to confront the exalted servitor named Sepicks Prime. The three-player mission takes around a half-hour to complete, and includes plenty of opportunities for fighting Fallen and Hive soldiers, picking up new loot, and exploring both tight corridors and sprawling open spaces. 

The new video showcases the location and the combat players can look forward to confronting in the Devils' Lair when Destiny releases on September 9th. 

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  • Co-op for this sounds sick! I'm not too sure which class I'd like to be though. All three aound pretty anooth and balanced in different ways.
  • Meh... Disappointing. Expected better from Activision. Definitely not game of the year... Maybe CoD?
  • I hope the beta comes out soon! I am thinking warlock on this one.

  • Looks like an awesomenado.

  • *foams at the mouth :O*

  • I need to pre-order this so I can get on the beta.

  • To anyone wondering, yes that is Tyrion Lannister/Peter Dinklage from game of thrones voice acting the floating bot.

  • 5:01 Xbox Record that!

  • Looks pretty freaking fun. And Peter Dinklage for the win.

  • AHHHHH!!! So much awesome!

  • This looks fantastic co-op wise. I just need to start pushing my friends to start saving for their XBOs. I see bake sales in our futures haha. #WorthIt

  • I can't wait to get my hands on this! Besides Batman, this is my most anticipated game this year. I hope this is full of Easter eggs, if it is I could spend tons of hours on those alone.
  • It really reminded me of a level from Reach, albeit with better lighting. Not that I'm unhappy about that at all

  • Only way this would make me happier was if it had cross-platform support. But that's just wishful thinking.

  • To me it looks like Halo meets Borderlands. I love the setting and graphics, but gameplay wise it looks somewhat generic. I dont really see anything that makes it stand out from the crowd of FPS. Now this may just be me, but it just seems to lack strategy and the AI looks kinda blah. I hope the game proves me wrong cause I like the sci-fi setting.

  • Halo+borderlands=DESTINY!!!! I love it8-D

  • This looks so awesome!

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  • A halo borderlands, other then it looking like a halo world it seems just like borderlands. Not saying its a bad thing since I know fans of bungi will love this.There just isn't anything unique about it yet.
  • i hope they integrate some kind of cosmetic customization so im not stuck in something i hate the look of just because its better

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