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Deep Down

The Past Within Down Deep's PS4 Future

Deep Down may be set in New York 2094, but people can travel in the past via magical artifacts. That past is apparently filled with scary monsters that need slaying.

The game hasn't been officially announced for America just yet (it's out in Japan this year), but Capcom has released a new trailer, which hopefully points to a North American release for the dungeon crawler at some point.

For more on the game, check out Tim's impressions from TGS 2013 and this previous trailer.

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  • yet another reason why i need a ps4. *waits for a million people saying this looks like dark souls*
  • Just a heads up there's a typo in the heading.
  • It's free to play AND it has randomly generated dungeons... Me like :D
  • Lookin good!

  • Sounds like it has a pretty Japanese story line. The kind of story that thinks it makes sense no matter how much it doesn't.
  • The title of this article made my brain explode. Gameplay looks a little rough. The over the shoulder camera looks like it gets stuck on stuff, but they'll probably fix that before release. And it really won't matter since there's no US release date!! Dangit, Capcom!
  • Well, I'm hoping the game gets a US release date and maybe we can get a beta too. This game looks amazing.

  • Considering the trailer features English voiceover work, I'd wager that this is coming to the West eventually. Plus, when one factors in how popular the Souls games (and Souls-style games) are becoming in the West, it wouldn't make sense for Capcom to not import this one. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't already have a Western release date, I always just assumed it was coming to out here too.
  • I would rather Yakuza Ishin get ported over. Stupid Sega. :/
  • Hopefully We See This In The US. It Looks Fun.

  • This looks like it should be great. Amazing graphics.

  • This was the game that got me most excited during the ps4 reveal in February of last year. So hopefully someday I'll get to play it. I'm a sucker for dragons, I mean literally I would probably play anything with a dragon. And they got me, lock stock and barrel. They should just make Dragon's Dogma 2.
  • Why is Capcom making exclusives with the shape they're in? But then again, maybe it's on Sony's dollar.
  • Looks good. I get a Dark Souls gameplay vibe from it.
  • Can't help but compare every 3rd person melee game to Dark Souls anymore...
  • I suppose that explains the lack of playable female characters, being female knights were an extreme rarity during that time-period.

  • idk about this i might have to game fly it.
  • I heard that this is a spiritual successor to Dragon's Dogma. It looks like a real blast. Color me interested.

  • As much as I love this game, the way they made this terrible is trailer.