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Capcom Celebrates Japanese PS4 Launch With New Deep Down Trailer

Just over a year ago at the PlayStation 4 reveal in New York City, we got our first look at Capcom’s demonic dungeon delver, Deep Down. The title, which we now know to be free-to-play, was recently bumped until after the summer this year.

The news of the delay comes by way of a Dengeki Online interview with the game’s producer Dengeki Online (translated by Dual Shockers). Deep Down doesn’t have a confirmed North American release yet, but beta testing was slated to start around the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan. However, the trailers continue to showcase English voice overs, giving us continued hope that the title will make its way here.

For more, check out our hands-on preview from Tokyo Game Show 2013. You can also read up on the game’s 2093 New York City setting.

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  • All I have been doing is killing monsters in capcom games lately between dragons dogma, operation raccoon city, monster hunter 3 ultimate. Needless to say this game looks too good to pass up.

  • Have fun Japan!
  • Congradulation

  • Ill try it, but these trailers honestly are not very good, they just don't get me excited

  • this is one of 2014 games im hyped about! CAN'T WAIT!!!! the only thing that kills the hype for me and makes me nervous its the fact that its free to play... :( note: I hope i don't get banned for this comment...
  • Were those some of the Dark Souls voice actors??

  • Mod

    Even if it doesnt come stateside ill just download on my japanese account.

  • So much mystery is involved with this game...

  • Mod

    This better come out over here!

  • Free to play? Nice! O_O

  • compared to the original Deep Down trailer on PS4 announcement day. It seems like they were shooting for unrealistic goals as far as the visual fidelity originally. The game still looks nice, but nowhere near as nice as that Deep Down reveal trailer was.
  • The deeper down they go with this game the less I seem to understand about it.

  • Oh, great that sexist free to play game. Mehhhh. No girls allowed!

  • This should be an awesome FTP game :D