Deception IV tasks players with setting traps, one of which is the almighty banana peel.

There are three types of traps in the game, Sadistic, Elaborate, and Humiliating traps. Sadistic traps do the most damage and Elaborate traps are good for setting up combos that bounce your enemies around the room. Humiliating traps are there to embarrass by throwing cakes in people's faces, or, as you can see above, forcing them to slip on a banana peel. You can see more traps in the gallery of screens below, as well as the interface for setting up traps.

Deception IV: Blood Ties comes to PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 25. For more on the game, including an announcement trailer, and some gameplay footage. We recently Super Replayed Trapt, which has a different name than the other Deception games, but falls in the same series.