Deception IV: Blood Ties Trap Combo Trailer Shows A Brutal Rube Goldberg Machine - Deception IV: Blood Ties - Vita -
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Deception IV: Blood Ties

Deception IV: Blood Ties Trap Combo Trailer Shows A Brutal Rube Goldberg Machine

This Japanese trailer for the upcoming Deception IV shows the kind of insane trap gauntlets you can set up for your enemies.

Deception IV is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 25, and is a continuation of the game Trapt, which we recently featured as a Super Replay.  Trapt is also coming to PlayStation 3 soon as a PlayStation 2 Classic.

You can check out the brutal, but admittedly hilarious, Deception IV trailer below. For more on Deception IV, head here.

[Via: Siliconera]

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  • Just so you know, Trapt is already out on PS3

  • I'm debating on whether I should get trapt or the last of us dlc. Should I get something I'll play for years and like or something I'll play once and love?
  • Poor *** lmao

  • I hope this means we can expect a memorable Test Chamber to grace our scenes soon. A reunion of the Goobers perhaps?

  • This seemed completely serious until the sound effect at 30 seconds in. As serious as a snowball man can be, anyway.

  • It's deceptive that such short shorts are tactical armor, lol
  • That was hilarious

  • Nice graphics. I didn't know they still made Playstation 2 games.

  • I never did get around to trying out the Deception series before, but after watching some of the Trapt super replay and this video I think I'm going to get this.

  • ... weirdest outfit ever.

  • Gamestop still doesn't have any pre-order info on this, guess I'll have to keep pestering them.

  • Yea I have had days were I felt like that guy...