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Deadman's Cross

Square Enix's Deadman's Cross Now Available On iOS And Android

Square Enix's free-to-play, first-person zombie hunting/collecting RPG card game, is now available for iOS and Android devices.

The game contains more than 100 collectible cards, and Square Enix says more may be added in the future. The game tasks players with building an army of Deadmen (or zombies) as you attempt to survive in a world stricken by plague. For more on the game, head here. You can check out the game's launch trailer below.

To download the game on iTunes head here. For Android devices, head here.

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  • Wow, fixed that pretty quickly. It's weird cuz i thought i read "deadman's chest" the first time i looked at the image
  • Another freemium game, pass. Very rarely is a game actually free and enjoyable for Android/iOS.

  • Meh, I don't think it's that bad. It's a neat little time waster. I don't play much on mobile anyway. The effects are pretty neat compared to their Guardian Cross game.

  • This seems really insane. I have no clue what is going on. Something about Napolean Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, Deities from various cultures and hot zombie nurses. I can literally not make it sound more crazy than that, because that is exactly what this game is.

  • I find this game to be a time killer. Enjoyable and able to play between devices (Android/iOS)

    If you decide to download use my code to add -> VZVGUM5

  • This is an exact replica of the Guardian's Cross game.

    They have just implemented graphics changes to be more zombie themed. The two games are crossed between each other as well. By getting to lvl 5 you are given a code for Guardian's Cross to get a 5 star in that game.

    If you are wanting to join and get a 3 star nun in Deadman's Cross. (Only thing you will get unless you invite people as well)

    Use the Invitation Code: 6PVTDXN

    (Has to be put in during account creation)

  • Pretty good game for free if you download it isle this code for a free 4 star at level 5. 95NNDLF