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Deadman's Cross

Square Enix To Release Free-To-Play Zombie Card Game For iOS

Square Enix announced Deadman's Cross today, a free-to-play zombie hunting card game coming to iOS devices.

The game serves as a sort of sequel to Guardian's Cross. In Deadman's Cross players hunt zombies (referred to as Deadmen here) to collect and build a deck of cards, which allow for additional types of attacks and power-ups.

Deadman's Cross is coming to iOS devices this winter. The game's first trailer will appear at the Tokyo Game Show in the coming weeks.

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  • Stop with the side projects and give us what we want Hint hint
  • Square Enix is still expecting to find success in the mobile department, aren't they.

  • A zombie card game...hmmm...is there really a market for this?  Feel free to prove me wrong Square.

  • Well, that's an intriguing thought.

  • More crap for my iPhone.

  • Wasn't there already a zombie card game that was released awhile back? I believe it was called Shelter or something.

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  • And here I was assuming that when Square-Enix said they  would be focusing more on mobile, that it meant we'd get more Chaos Rings or FF Dimensions type games. Full game experiences on mobile.

    I guess this can't be worse than that ATB game they released earlier this year :S

  • ugh

  • Lol kk

  • I will never understand why digital card games exist.

  • Nothing is free from Square Enix. Your cards will be useless very soon and you will have to pay to keep playing. They have some of the most expensive mobile software available, and are one of the worst for continuing fees as well.
  • And yet Squeenix will still not release the important stuff (*various Final Fantasies, cough*)