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Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Trailer Shows Protagonist Nick Ramos Outrunning A Crashing Airplane

Zombies are the main threat in Dead Rising 3, but it looks like protagonist Nick Ramos will also be taking on motorcycle gangs and airplanes.

The latest trailer for the game details a bit of the Dead Rising 3's story, shows off a handful of new characters, and shows that even in the apocalypse, airplanes are still a flying through the skies – just not as well.

Dead Rising 3 is coming exclusively to the Xbox One on the console's launch day, November 22. For more on the game, check out our most recent hands-on preview.

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  • HE'S IMMUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm so hyped for this game!

  • Great game for a great console!
  • Looks like it will have a pretty good story too. It's kind of surprising that the Dead Rising games have such good stories despite their goofiness.

  • Thank God he's immune. This game would have been plagued with more Zombrex missions lol
  • The voice acting seems pretty cringe worthy but it still looks good.

  • This is the main reason I picked a Xbox One over the PS4!!! This game looks like so much fun, and its co-op too!! SYSTEM SELLER!!!
  • Very nice this may restore my confidence in capcom maybe time will tell I guess

  • But what about motorcycle gangs in airplanes?
  • I am getting a PS4 at launch but this game really makes me wish I had the money for both consoles.

  • The only thing I'll miss by not getting an Xbone
  • PS4 for me but damn this looks fun

  • I know I am going to love this game. I would like the graphics to be a little bit better, but that doesn't matter too much. They are still good, just not amazing. However, gameplay is king and I am sure this game has it

  • No matter how good looking this or other games are on the next gen consoles, the games are the same.
    Games have been 'the same' for what seems like over a decade.
    I believe some serious innovation and game mechanics or play it absolutely needed.

    I have been playing games since pong arrived in my local skate rink. I love games! I have had practically every system and computer on the planet to play games. I feel obsessed in some respects. But over the past decade games are pretty much on the same rail of conformity. I am loving the fact that games and the ability to make games are more accessible and we're seeing some neat stuff out there. But the large companies and AAA titles are using the same formula over and over again. "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality, but there has to come a point where something has to shift to change and push the model, no?

    If I knew what that next thing was, I'd be making it, but instead I look and play, hoping and waiting for that freshness to come along to wow us all once again. Don't get me wrong, I see glimpses every so often, but it seems that it doesn't catch on because it's not popular enough or it could be and it's not put out there in to the public by the giant companies that get most of the attention.

    I still look forward to what the current and next-gen has in store and what the PC's and handhelds will bring to the table with every release. I will always love games and look forward to that next evolution that will slingshot them into the next paradigm.

  • This game has me excited. I found Dead Rising 2 boring when I played it by myself and I hated that I couldn't explore the way I wanted to (Damn timer). I did how ever love Dead Rising 2; even more so with Co-Op.

    This game has me excited for single-player. Open-world zombie filled city sounds great to me. Sucks I'm the only one out of my friends who is making the jump to next-gen on launch day, but I'll hopefully be satisfied with this game.

  • Wow, this wasn't on my radar before, but it just might be now.

  • Please have a not-quite-a-sequel-but-still-carries-the-number-3-and-has-a-totally-different-storyline version for the other platforms (if Dead Rising 2 and its spinoff can make it to PC, I have hope) :D.

  • Only 12 days....I can make it i know i can.

  • glad i got a x1

  • Having played the first and rented the second I am going to pass on this one. They fooled me once shame on me...They fooled my twice darn it shame on them... they aren't going to fool me a third time.
    P.S. I probably pulled a George Bush and totally screwed up the old saying!