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Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Remedies Old Issues To Great Effect

Like many fans of the original two Dead Rising games, I was simultaneously excited and concerned when I saw the debut of its third installment at E3. It looked impressive, but the silly spirit of its predecessors seemed to be subdued. I felt better once our crew came back from Gamescom and reported that the Capcom series was still goofy as hell, but didn’t feel fully confident until I played it at a recent Xbox One event. Now that I’ve spent some time with the game, it seems that it’ll be a standout of the launch lineup.

Many of the complaints about the original games revolved around frustratingly restrictive systems for saving and other necessary mechanics. The first game’s save system was horrible and the sequel’s combo system constantly required players to seek out work benches. Both issues are remedied in Dead Rising 3, as both saving and combining items can be done on the fly. Saving is a basic pause menu command, and combos are performed with a couple quick button presses in the item menu. With these two additions alone, Dead Rising 3 is instantly more enjoyable and accessible than its restrictive predecessors.

Playing as mechanic Nick Ramos, my objective was to break into a crematorium in an effort to get Zombrex medication. I had been bitten in a cutscene, and the clock was ticking until I presumably turned into one of the undead masses. As I searched for some wheels to get me there quicker, I had a chance to see the new vehicle combo system in action. Combining a motorcycle and a steamroller gave me the RollerHawg, a patriotic contraption that essentially adds a steamroller’s front to a motorcycle’s rear. It was a blast to speed down the street, mowing down hundreds of zombies.

After I hopped off, it didn’t take me long to put together my next insane contraption. Several items laid at my feet: a dragon mask, an umbrella, a katana, and fireworks. Each item comboed into the next to make my get-up even more ridiculous, until I wound up with the Ultimate MechaDragon combination. With umbrella wings, a fire-spewing dragon head, blades coming out of my hands, and explosives shooting out of my body, I resembled the world’s most confused, insane, and dangerous zombie killing machine. It was easy to ignore my objective for a while as I sprinted around and murdered more of the horde.

I eventually began following the objective marker again, and ran into a large fellow named Gary. He said he knew where the Zombrex was in the crematorium, and he’d point it out if I helped him get in. After I climbed in and let him through the front door, he taught me about the returning queen bee mechanic that destroys any zombie in a certain radius. His tip was the end of his usefulness, as his supposed knowledge of the Zombrex proved to be false. Luckily, Nick’s wound began healing itself for mysterious reasons.

With my wound seemingly a non-issue, I was free to go back to reckless slaughter outside the crematorium. I spent my last moments with the demo experimenting with new combos and weapons, and had a lot of fun. I combined a motorcycle engine and a boxing glove to form the Dragon Punch, a motorized accessory that allowed me to perform the classic Street Fighter II move (complete with “Shoryuken!” sound effect). I went to my clothing locker and donned a giant shark suit. I used a real-life cell phone to call in drone strikes via the game’s SmartGlass integration. Basically, I just ran around and enjoyed myself. Previous games in the series have been good for this, but there was always some issue that kept me from really letting loose and having fun the way this third entry allows me to. Thanks to my hands-on time with the game, Dead Rising 3 is now one of my most-anticipated Xbox One titles. 

  • looks good =D
  • HE'S IMMUNE!!!!!!!

  • " It was easy to ignore my objective for a while as I sprinted around and murdered more of the horde." Technically its not murder if they're already dead. This is the first game I pre-ordered, this and Ryse.
  • Looks alot like the first 2 which were highly disappointing. Forza is the only launch title I would buy.
  • I definitely was worried about Dead Rising 3 until I got my hands on it as well. Now I'm more than happy to pick this one up at launch.

  • This and Forza will be my launch games.

  • the only problems i had with dead rising 1 and 2 were the time which they fixed finally and the horrible boss fights that are soooooooo annoying. but other than that i cant wait to play this game
  • Phew, That's a relief. I never played a Dead Rising game until the sequel became available for free on Xbox Live and never finished because of the issues described in this article and now that I know that they are all fixed I am much more excited to play Dead Rising 3

  • Gonna play this game soooooo much.

    I'll be Captain Obvious and say that the tattoo on Nick's neck and his ability to self-cure/heal are tied together somehow.  Subject #12 or something.

  • Probably going to switch from Ryse to this after the abysmal preview for Ryse. I didn't like Dead Rising too much, but I never played the second one and really didn't get far in the first game.

  • When I get XBO down the line, going to play this for sure it looks great.

  • Played the second one for 2 hours and gave up. Such a frustrating and boring experience.

  • Played the second one for 2 hours and gave up. Such a frustrating and boring experience.
  • This game needs to come out for PS4. It wont sell well on Xbox1
  • 1st 2 were ok, but this one looks like loads of fun

  • I always enjoyed the Dead Rising series. The time and save restrictions were always just minor nuisances, but now I can spend more time zombie killing and less time looking for bathrooms. I'll be playing you at launch Dead Rising 3!

  • Please tell me they got rid of that stupid timed campaign thing. I HATED that so much.
  • Sounds great. Got Dead Rising 2 in Games for Gold and haven't had a chance to play it yet. Probably going to start this weekend.

  • Damn. Wish this wasnt an exclusive, really enjoyed DR2. Nonetheless I will have many games on my PS4 to keep me occupied.

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