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Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Documentary Shows New Gameplay And Weapons

Everything in Dead Rising has always been a weapon, and Dead Rising 3 looks to be no exception.

In the latest video documentary for the game, which was shown at a Comic Con panel all about zombies, the developers talk about the game, the massive size of the new world, and show off all kinds of new weapons. There are the things you would expect, like individual blades and guns, but there are also weird things, like turret-wielding gigantic teddy bears.

For more on Dead Rising 3, check out our time with the game at E3.

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  • Next-gen could not come soon enough! I want to play this!!

  • Oh, my.  If every zombie is a snowflake let's hope there are snow blowers in the game.  The trailer is already better than the second game.

  • I love the new tech like shouting at zombies to get their attention, or linking my cell phone to the game. That's the next gen stuff I'm stoked for . It may cost more money, but I'm glad MS made the decision to include kinect. It allows devs to find new ways to use it other than "motion controls". My biggest problem is affording the 5 or 6 launch games that I want. Never has a console generation launched with this much quality software, and with titanfall and quantum break on the way soon after launch, it will be gaming paradise. Just hope my wife doesn't kill me over the discover bill.
  • Thank technology for no more loading screens, that must be the best thing about this game.

  • It looks Great! It might be on Xbox One first but then it will move over to Ps4.

  • Hopefully they have stabalized it since e3

  • @ 2:25-"you gotta run around"-Okay:

    Can you "run around"????

    Didn't you mostly walk in Dead Rising 1 and 2???

    You say run-is that the truth??

    Me-gamer-wanna know.