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Dead Rising 3

Playing Around In Dead Rising 3's Big, Bloody Sandbox

During a hands-off E3 demo, Capcom set aside Dead Rising 3's story for some random zombie-slaying shenanigans. The lighthearted play session may not have been the most serious look at the game, but it still taught us a number of important things about the ambitious next-gen sequel.

A Brave New World: Dead Rising 3 takes place in Los Perdidos, a fictional city based in California that's comprised of four distinct districts. Capcom says the new game world is so large that it can fit the entire environments of the first two games with room to spare. During our demo, the Capcom representative cut a path of chaos through just a small section of a single district, which included a few joyrides in different cars. Building interiors are also being hand-built, so you'll stumble into fewer generic areas while avoiding the undead. The entire demo was streamed seamlessly, with no stops for loading.

Why So Serious?: As many suspected from the reveal trailer, Dead Rising 3 does strike a more serious tone. Capcom says the decision was made to make zombies seem like dangerous, formidable foes, and to introduce some more horror-based moments to the game. Despite the shift in tone, there will still be plenty of craziness. The crafting system allows you to build a wide variety of ridiculous weapons, and killing a bunch of zombies in a row allows you to pull off gruesome finishing moves. Finally, there will be plenty of comedic outfits hidden in the world, which will once again show up in cutscenes, allowing you to make the story as goofy as you want it to be.

Deadlier Than Ever: Capcom's attempt to make Dead Rising 3's zombies scarier than past installments doesn't end with the shift in tone. They're also smarter this time around, and travel in packs thanks to the advanced horde AI. Screaming zombies will attract nearby members of the undead, as will other environmental sounds; during the demo, protagonist Nick breaks through the window of a gun shop to stock up on weapons, triggering an alarm. By the time he's done pillaging, a large horde of zombies has amassed outside of the building, with a few undead crawling through the broken window. Dead Rising 3 will also feature stronger enemy types that are grounded in reality, such as fireman zombies.

Home Sweet Home: Players will be able to clear out a number of safehouses in Dead Rising 3, which come with some major perks once they're taken over. Each safehouse contains a closet that contains every outfit you try on in the game, as well as a locker with every item you've used, including combo weapons you have crafted. As an added bonus, weapons can be crafted without the need to travel back to a work bench, and combo weapons will be much more durable.

Put The Pedal To The Medal: One of the most impressive moments in the demo featured the player mowing down dozens of zombies with a souped-up sports car. Dead Rising 3 will feature a wide variety of different vehicles, but just because you're behind the wheel doesn't mean you're safe. Trying to plow through a dense crowd of zombies can bring your car to a dead stop depending on how powerful it is, and even when you're moving at a decent clip, zombies can hang on and pull you through the window. Given the size of the world, we expect automobiles will play an important role in the game. The fact that Nick is a mechanic makes us think that upgrading or customizing vehicles may also be in the cards.

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  • i was excited about dead rising 3 until i saw it was an exclusive to xbox one.
  • Oh Lucifer I can't wait for this game! Xbox One all the way! And 3DS c: Ooh ohh ahah :3

  • Sucked me in. Then took me out when you said it was X1 exclusive. No thanks. Ill wait for a PC port or for them to wise up.

  • I would like to play this game, but one game isn't worth the price of the XB1. I am going with PS4 for the new gen and the Wii U, maybe Capcom will release a later version on the PS4. Also for people that are saying that this is the end of MS it's not. I do agree that what they are doing is going hurt them in sale, but I don't see it completely removing them from the games market. Who knows maybe after they see how much they pissed of their fans base with all the restrictions and used game restrictions just maybe they will reconsider their tactics. I would love to see MS continue but it's going to cost them big. Also they really need some of their own IP's and not third party IP's if they want to keep going, and I don't mean Halo, and Gears and Fable.
  • It seems like it lacks the absurdity that the other games had that made them memorable.

  • I wished they would have kept the visual style and tone of the game closer to the previous titles, but that gripe aside, I love everything else they are doing with this game. Hopefully there is a large shopping mall somewhere in the open world, a Dead Rising game would not be complete without a shopping center.
  • I am still livid that this is exclusive to Xbox One... do they really only want to sell 4 copies (and even that is all to Microsoft employees)...?
  • So, what I'm hearing is this... "We'll pay you to exclusively make a more gritty-looking exclusive sequel to the Dead Rising Series" Microsoft "Sure, but don't you think that people will miss the charm of the older games?" Capcom "Who cares about the consumer?" Microsoft Dead Rising has always been about things being as ridiculous as possible, with a story that was serious yet funny at the same time. So, yeah, it's nothing like the other games, and I miss it so much.
  • Their shift in tone is the dead (hah!) opposite of what happened to Saint's Row. I don't know what to feel about that

  • I'm not quite sold on this one. Setting aside the fact that it's Xbox One exclusive, it doesn't look very next gen when compared to games like Forza. Hell, it doesn't even look better than the new COD.
  • This game looks incredible, it truly felt like a real apocalypse was happening with the thousands of zombies around, too bad I won't be able to enjoy it since it's exclusive to the xbone :(

  • I will most likely never play this due to the Xbox One

  • Way to ruin my favorite franchise microsoft. This game looks like a great time to play but you had to use your greedy fingers to utilize this loved series just to get more people to buy your crappy console. You will never think about what the consumer wants ever will you? At least make a PC port available and have some dignity.

  • i wish this wasn't exclusive to the X1

  • I will definitely be picking this game up.

    You guys forgot to mention one of the things I'm going to find most interesting about this game. the Kinect has a use. The Kinect will be listening for ambient noise in the room you playing in. Any loud noise in the real world will attract Zombies to you in the game. Don't know why, but I love that.

    To everyone in the comments... Would you like some cheese with that whine?
  • OH YES!!!! This game, like the others, really has my attention....I may have to pick up an XBOX ONE just for this. I love the Dead Rising Series!!

  • im getting an xbox one for this game and remedys  new game

  • Does anyone else remember the first Dead Rising? That was an exclusive for xbox. Well it got ported to the Wii and no other systems. Face it, it's staying as an X1 exclusive. If I had to guess Dead Rising 4 will be mult platform. And don't forget if you look up the company making the game there were formally known as "Blue Castle Games" these are the same people who made Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, Case Zero and lastly Case West. The only difference is there name has been changed. Relax it's in good hands, had it stayed the same art tone everyone would be totting "Same old Same old", damned if you do, damned if you don't. I for one will happily get an X1 and pick this game up.
  • Dead Rising minus all of the charm, quirkiness, and color equals this.

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