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Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Documentary Shows New Gameplay And Weapons

Everything in Dead Rising has always been a weapon, and Dead Rising 3 looks to be no exception.

In the latest video documentary for the game, which was shown at a Comic Con panel all about zombies, the developers talk about the game, the massive size of the new world, and show off all kinds of new weapons. There are the things you would expect, like individual blades and guns, but there are also weird things, like turret-wielding gigantic teddy bears.

For more on Dead Rising 3, check out our time with the game at E3.

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  • This and project spark are the two games I am very interested in for the Xbox one.
  • Cool beans.
  • Day one pick up for sure =)

  • hmm. look okay i guess. Might just rent it though. I got the same feeling from dead rising 2 :/.

  • Looks like they kept the humor aspect of it, TotalBiscuit will be happy
  • Looks freaking awesome!

  • I'll hope the NEXT one comes out for ps4.

  • Honestly... I have no clue why people are so engaged on this title. It looks like DR2, except without colour. Why would I want that? Also, I'm not sure I can play another zombie after Last of Us. I think that game has effectively set a bar for zombie games.
  • Loving this colour pallet...

  • Looks meh.

  • I will be a Jedi among zombie slayers in this game.
  • Any info if this is multiplayer?
  • No ps4... No sale.

  • I'll buy an XB1 for this!

  • getting this one for sure

  • Co-op in this sounds like a blast.

  • Looks amazing

  • thank you! The devs kept the silliness of the series!

  • I am a huge Dead Rising fan and this game looks like it is evolving and improving upon the previous entries in a lot of ways. Also, it is nice to see a little more of the humor shine through, a quality that I love from this series.

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