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Dead Island Riptide

Another Gorgeous, Depressing CG Trailer

The first Dead Island wowed zombie fans with its sad and unconventional CG trailer. Publisher Deep Silver and developer Techland are back to build hype the same way for the brand new, full retail sequel Dead Island: Riptide. In addition to the new trailer, we now know a fifth character will be joining the returning cast.

Dead Island: Riptide takes place on another island in the same archipelago as the original Dead Island. The game features a renewed focus on co-op, allowing players to team up regardless of level. Four players will team up to defend safehouses against waves of zombies during the campaign, delivering Horde mode-like chaos. Details are scarce on the new fifth character, but Deep Silver says he'll have a unique skill set.

Dead Island: Riptide hits 360, PS3, and PC in 2013.

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  • I loved the first game, but I don't like how they release a dramatic, emotional trailer and then the game turned out to be nothing like that. I suspect this is going to be the same.

  • If the trailer was expecting me to feel emotionally moved, I wasn't. It felt forced and overly exploited. Wasn't near as provocative as the first one, it was the most moving trailer for any movie or game I had ever seen and still is.

    Still excited for Riptide, though!

  • What would a young couple be doing sailing around the world? Isn't that more of a retired couple thing?
  • I have never played Dead Island, but I thought this looked amazing. I usually not a fan of zombie games. I might have to rethink my position.

    P.S. I am a sucker for emotional ploys in video games. I kind of wish that I had bought Dead Island: Riptide and this was how it ended. I think the gaming community could use more games where you can't truly win.
  • The first trailer practically made me tear up. This one feels forced compared to it. I wish that the first game was more like it's trailer.

  • As a fan of the first, the trailer was okay, still not as amazing and tear-jerking as the first, but if this turns out as a revamped, new Dead Island, i'm very excited.

  • They do excellent trailers.  I hope the game is awesome as well!

  • Sequal not deserved -.-
  • love the first

  • Now I wonder if they'll include splitscreen this time around...

  • i'll be getting this!

  • Wow.  Pretty powerful stuff.

  • First rule of sailing next to Dead Island... Keep a rocket launcher at hand.

  • I watched a demo of the game play at PAX this year and it looked pretty fun..I never played the first because of financial stuff, but I may pick it up now that it's cheaper:)..I like co-op play and the multi-level scaling is a great idea

  • wow the video didnt expalain much
  • Yep. Depressing trailer.